Why You Need an Email Newsletter Yesterday


It’s one thing to grow a solid audience online – it’s another to keep that relationship strong. 

Not sure how to do that?

Introducing Email Newsletters

We all have an email, right?

Chances are the majority of your customers would love to receive email updates from you.

Of course, social media is amazing. 

But it can limit you in certain ways in terms of design, links, reach etc.

The Design

Your newsletter belongs to you – and you can design it however you like.

Different Lists

You can also make separate lists so you can share different news with different people.

For example, if you are a real estate agent you can have one list of agents and one list of clients. 

That way you can send appropriate updates to the appropriate people.

There are several different platforms out there (both free and paid) you can utilize.

Here Are a Few of Our Favourites:




Still, feeling a little unsure? No worries. 

Let us take care of it for you: info@jaclynbaker.com

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