The Biggest Hair Trends According to Pinterest

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This is a guest post by Sophis Smith - Find her on Facebook  Twitter  Google + For the past several years, Pinterest has been the holy grail of beauty and fashion inspiration. Fashionistas all over the world have been gathering on this platform, clicking and tapping their absolute favorites among beauty trends, thus contributing to collecting...

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Moor Spa Review

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Whats up ladies and gents? This blog post may be going up on April Fools day but this post is no joke. If you have done your Jaclyn homework you may know I go through skincare like most people go through Chapstick. You know that kid at school who would pull out their chapstick on...

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My Skin Found Heaven For Only $8


My face AND my wallet have always loved skincare. I am not ashamed to admit, I like stuff okay!  If I see something in the store... Wait that isn't right.  If I see something online and I think it looks awesome I will buy it. Besides, buying online is way more fun. You can do it...

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