Chorus Supernatural Review


Have you ever struggled with your skin?

I mean, come on who hasn’t?

That’s ok!

When you find something that really works, it just makes you appreciate your skin that much more.

Now that I am in my early twenties my skin is significantly better than it was when I was a teen.


Even though it has improved, that doesn’t mean certain products won’t break me out, or seriously irritate my skin.

The Truth

Skincare seriously is trial and error.

Everybody’s skin responds to different ingredients.

Think about it…

if everyone’s skin was equal there would only be one or two skincare brands in business right?

Use What Works For You

Whenever I find a brand that works great for me, I stick to it.

That way I never have to worry about getting a bad reaction.

Onto The Review

Now that you have made it past my lovely introduction it is time to jump into what this post is really about!

Chorus Supernatural 


If you love natural products, Chrous would definitely be an awesome choice for you!

Now I haven’t used all of their products…

But keep on reading to check out the products I have tried!




I am not a scientist so I couldn’t even begin to guess how they made this product possible.

But listen you will dig this!!

The first time I swatched theBB cream I was like “oh no this is way too dark!!!”

Feeling optimistic I tried it anyways.

Worst case scenario I could use it to contour.

This is where I was shocked. After I rubbed it in, it totally adjusted to my skin tone.

Now, remember, it is a BB cream.

You may need a little concealer for some extra coverage.

But I am really loving how it looks on its own.

I am wearing the product today as I am typing this, and I keep discreetly checking my skin out on my phone’s camera.

Come on, you know you do that too!!


IMG_3083 (1)


Until a couple years ago I thought masks were more of a luxury product just for special occasions.

But now I am hooked and can’t go more than a week without using one.

Every type of clay mask I have used in the past has been pretty drying.

This stuff actually helps clarify my skin, while still making it feel incredibly hydrated afterward.

I love it!!!!


IMG_3084 (1)


The thing that really hooked me onto this toner is the gentle formula and the smell.

If I could describe this toner in one word it would be “spa”

Every time I spritz it on my face I just feel totally refreshed.

This toner does come in a spray bottle which makes it super easy to bring on the go.

Revitalize – Age Defying Serum – $35.90

IMG_3085 (1)


This serum has a unique texture.

When you first put it on it feels like a normal hydrating serum.

But after a few minutes, it gets a little sticky/tacky (in a good way) and feels just like a primer.

This makes it the perfect product to apply right before makeup.

Overall my skin is very happy!!!!

So, those are the Chrous products I am currently loving!


Have you used anything from this brand before?

If so, which product is your favorite?