The Weather App Every Traveler Needs on Their Phone


I am going to let you in on a little secret…

My packing and travel skills used to be horrendous!

Let’s just say if you saw my suitcase ten years ago you would probably spill your coffee laughing so hard.

Where my outfits adorable… Yes!

Where they practical… Heck no!

I would totally overpack in one area and completely under pack in another.

All I can say is, I am very grateful for hotel lobby gift shops.

Now, don’t forget we are all human.

Nobody is perfect!!

We all forget things from time to time.

Every single object in life is replaceable.

But you know what is not replaceable?

You guessed it…


Once time is gone it is gone.

Kinda scary to think about.

But it is the reality of life.

The key is not to run from this fear, but to embrace it by prepping as best you can.

Planning Ahead

This is some super deep stuff you are about to read so you better appreciate it!


Taking just 30 minutes before a trip to really plan ahead can save you hours of last-minute troubleshooting throughout your vacation.

We all have different lifestyles. This means everyone’s needs and wants will slightly differ from person to person.

But there is one specific need pretty much every single human has in common…

Dressing appropriately for the weather!!

If you don’t dress appropriately for extreme weather conditions you are putting yourself at risk for heat stroke, dehydration or the good old sniffles.


When traveling to a different country or even city you have no idea what the weather patterns are like.

So many things can go horribly wrong when you don’t pack and plan out your activities according to the weather.

Like we discussed, in the beginning, this is where planning comes into play.

Introducing WeatherBug


WeatherBug is ideal for travelers!

Some of its travel-friendly features

View the weather of the day by hour

View the weather up to ten days in advance


Easily scout any location

Get updates on extreme weather such as lightning or winds.


I can’t tell you how many times I have had to reschedule outdoor activities or make an emergency Wal Mart run for a jacket because I was freezing.

Again these little detours aren’t the end of the world.

But on vacation, you want to spend your days having fun…not running errands or escaping the rain.

So, the point of the story is… if you have any travels coming up or simply want to twin with me download WeatherBug today!

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