Why You Need To Stock Up On Dresses This Fall


How many times do you walk into your monster walk-in closet and just scream because you have nothing to wear?

I can sense you shaking your head no, but I think we both know that’s not true.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of…

Clothing does more than just keep you warm, and well, cover you up in public…

It is an arena to express yourself and grow your confidence.

We all have days every once in a while where we wake up just not feeling so hot.

It’s totally normal!

Putting on a super cute outfit can legit transform your mood in seconds.

Ok, so now that we are on the same page of how epic fashion is let get to the serious question here…

What on earth should you be rocking this Fall????

Before we get to the answer I want to share a little struggle I have I think you can relate too…

So I have tons of adorable tops but not many pants to pair them with. 

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This makes it pretty difficult to experiment around with my look.

The struggle is real people!!!


On the days I really don’t have any clean jeans or am just not in a jeans mood, dresses truly are my best friend. 

Why I Love Dresses

1) They take zero thought

2) You are agreed to always match

3) They are extra girly 🙂

4) Certain styles can camouflage areas you are self-conscious about

5) Certain styles can help highlight your favourite features

6) They come in so many different patterns and textures


I am in Canada so unfortunately, it is already getting pretty chilly 🙁

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean I want to give up wearing dresses.

But I don’t have too!

www.wdrobeapparel.com has so many gorgeous Fall dresses I am obsessed with!!!

This has got to be my favourite one: 


Click Here

You could literally wear this anywhere from work to play while staying extremely comfy and fashionable.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling a little bummed that summer is long gone, but now I am honestly getting excited to have warm drinks, and of course rock some fall dresses!

What is your favourite part of the fall time?

Let me know in the comments!