Ultimate Guide to Catering Your Wedding


Are you curious about my eating patterns? Of course, you are, who wouldn’t be right?!

Let’s just say I am not the most adventurous when it comes to eating.

Want me to elaborate…

Basically, I am the girl who eats a pretty decent pre dinner before going out just to be on the safe side.


Hanger has a mind of its own and I will not allow it to ruin my night!

I’ll be honest; even though I am not ready to get married I have thought about my wedding day…


Who will be the lucky man?

How old will I be?

How will I do my makeup?

And of course, what will the food be like???

It’s my wedding and I think it’s a pretty reasonable request to have food I like.

But I also want my friends and family to have food they like as well!

After some thought and research and made a little list of tips and tricks on how to cater your wedding.

Want a sneak peak of what’s inside?

Keep on reading…

Ask Married Friends For Advice


I am a huge believer in seeking guidance from those who have already experienced what you are trying to accomplish.

There will always be little surprises along the way when trying something new.

It never hurts to ask friends and family for referrals on who to get…

And for who not to get!

If you are in the greater Vancouver area I recommend you checking out Austin Gourmet.

Set a Budget & Stay Organized

It doesn’t matter if you are having 50 guests or 500 guests…

You must set a specific budget!

When ordering so many things it can be easy for some orders to slip your mind.

Until you get the little reminder on your credit card bill that is.


The actual budget you choose is completely up to you.

But just remember to stick to it!

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So once you set your budget it comes down to staying organized.

I recommend you pick up a little file folder from your local dollar store and keep your invoices and receipts in there.


That way you can look back to it before ordering anything new and stay on a budget.

Consider Your Guest’s Needs

Your wedding day is all about you and your spouse!

Your happiness is very important and don’t you forget it.

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But you can’t be totally selfish!

Your guests are there to celebrate with you and don’t deserve to be hangry.

Here is a checklist for you to follow when ordering your meals.

1) Do I like this?

2) Will my friends and family like this

3) Will my spouse’s friends and family like this?

4) Is it allergy friendly?

Like anything in life, it is impossible to make every single person happy.

The best advice I can give you is to be mindful, responsible and come up with a creative wedding hashtag for Instagram.


Are you planning a wedding?

Spread the love and share any tips in the comments below.