3 Items From Wardrobe Apparel Every Fashion Lover Needs


I have no shame…

I will proudly admit it…

I spend a lot of money on clothes!!

No need to worry, I am not blowing all my savings or anything..

Let’s just say my closet is very well fed and my shoes have lots of little friends to chat with when I’m not home.

Do you remember in Toy Story when all the toys came to life and hung out whenever the kid left his room?

Would not be surprised if my clothes did the same thing.

Haha just kidding…

Sort of…

Anyways I do have a solid combination of pricey and affordable clothing.


My affordable mainly clothing consists of trendy items I would only really get a few wears out of.

And my expensive clothing are items I wear on a weekly basis like jeans, white tops, and boots.


How to Shop Smart

You have the right to spend your hard earned money on whatever it is you like!

If you wanna splurge go for it!

Or if you wanna save go for it!

I constantly get asked…

“Hey, I have a $200 dollar gift card and have no idea what to get.

Please share your brilliant fashion skills with me!!!”

Ok, may have slightly exaggerated but you get the idea.

www.wdrobeapparel.com is currently having a wicked mid summer sale you cannot miss!

You can save up to 80% off certain items. Pretty sweet right?


What To Buy

The best advice I can give to a confused shopper is to invest in classic pieces you are confident will stay in style.


I made a list for you guys of the top 3 classic items I highly recommend you get from www.wdrobeapparel.com

And the best part is they are all on sale!


Shop Here


These babies are normally $800 bucks and are now on sale for $400.

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a pair of cute little black boots.

They can legit be worn a daily basis all year round.

I personally find boots with heals way more comfortable than traditional high heels. With these boots, you get all the comfort and still get the height and style.


Shop Here


This blouse was originally priced at $700 and is now on sale for $220.

Can you hear my jaw dropping through the screen

Blouses are a staple for any working girl.

They are extremely flattering, professional, and just pretty darn cute.

Sheer blouses are amazing for a couple reasons…

*Putting a little cami underneath gives it a more conservative vibe.

*If you want to feel sexy on a night on the town you can skip the cami and wear a cute bra with it.


Shop Here



This deal is actually blowing my mind. It started out at $1,000 and is currently reduced to $300!!!!

Okay, let me tell you why I love this so much.

Even in the summer I often find that certain buildings and restaurants are WAY to air conditioning for my liking.

Having a little light jacket on hand for those reasons is a lifesaver!

The neutral color makes it easy to pair with any outfit…

While the lightweight material makes it easy wrap around the waist if you get too warm.

Feelings Time


I think it is very healthy to have at least one thing in your life that provides you joy and makes you feel good.

Beauty and fashion make me extremely happy.

I really don’t care what other people think of my style. I shop for me and me alone.

If you feel the same way and are looking for some amazing pieces at an amazing price I definitely recommend checking out the sale items at www.wdrobeapparel.com

Let me know in the comments if you make any purchases.