6 Home Remedies for Coloring your Natural Hair


Written by Linda from http://checkcorner.com

It is a common thing for people to visit the salon on a regular basis so that they can get their hair colored. Touch-ups are needed now and then, and at least once a month it is customary to visit that the parlor for a coloring. For most of the ladies, once in either six or eight-week is when they like to get a coloring done. If there is any gray hair near the temples, and also the roots, a little lift of the color never harmed anyone.

Just like over use of the best hair straighteners can be damaging, chemical products used in dyes cannot be ignored and there are many kinds of hair dyes used including, temporary, permanent and semi-permanent. Most of the dyes that are available in the market are in the acting category.

Here are six home remedies that are ideal for coloring your natural hair:


Well, your morning tonic can also work very well for your hair. If you wish to make the shade of your hair one time darker, coffee will do wonders for you. It will also help to cover gray. All that is needed to be done is that you brew yourself a strong cup and then wait till it cools down. Two such cups then have to be mixed with the conditioner and coffee grounds along with that.

This mixture can then be put on your hair and let it remain for an hour. Apple cider vinegar is a great rinser after that. Repeat this hair pack a couple of times to notice the difference in your hair.


Henna has been known for ages. This tall shrub and tree were found in tropical and subtropical areas in regions like southern Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. It has been a known hair dye for a very long time. There have been many known beauties like Cleopatra who have used this on their tresses, and their effect and impact have been long documented in history. Even to this day, Henna is an excellent alternative to commercial dyes, and it is rather better since it is natural.

Henna colors the hair very gently and strengthens the shaft as well. It is a superb conditioner, and if your scalp is dry, henna will work in the best possible way for you. You can also get rid of dandruff by regular use of henna.  

Beetroot or Carrot Juice

If you are in need of adding some red tinges to your tresses, then beet juice or carrot juice will work in the best possible way for you. The best part is that they can either be used separately or mixed as well. If the carrot is more, it will give a beautiful and orangish tinge. The more the amount of beet juice, the better the color and it will be redder too.

Before applying, you have to mix a cup of this mixed juice along with coconut oil so that your hair gets the perfect conditioning. Let it soak for an hour at the least. The best tip post putting the color is to rinse it with apple cider vinegar and repeat the whole procedure till you get the color that you are looking for.

Lemon Juice

For that extra oomph factor and highlights, lemon juice is the best remedy. You can also make use of fresh lemon juice from one of them. If you let the juice remain for three to four hours, that is when your color will strike out once you are out in the sun. You can also try and mix the lemon with some chamomile tea for some added color.

Black Tea

Black Tea is a great natural hair darkener, and it is also easy to cover the grays. If you want darker colored hair, then black tea is the best. But, in case you are looking for some light color, then you can certainly go in for chamomile tea. It is especially good for blondes or people who want highlights in their blonde tresses. Tea can also be mixed with henna for that added color and reddish tinge. Tea, if left for longer, will give you a much better effect and color as well.

When you are applying the tea to your hair, it has to be quite concentrated. In two cups, almost 4-5 tea bags can be put so that the color comes out well. Put conditioner in your tea and then apply it. You can also mix some dried or fresh sage when you are looking to cover your gray hair well. Again, the best time gap is an hour for this remedy but can also be kept for a whole night. That will give the best result.

Shells of Walnuts

If you desire a dark brown color that gives your tresses a luxurious look, then walnut shells are the ones that will work best for you.  All you need to do is crush them and put them in water for about half an hour. Put it over the flame and then let it cool. Strain and apply it to the hair with the help of a cotton ball to the parts where you need to cover the grays. For a darker brown color, let the liquid simmer till it becomes one-fourth of its original capacity. Then let it cool and then apply on your hair.

Author Bio: Linda is a professional hairstylist based in San Jose, California. She has worked in the fashion industry for several years and has had the privilege of styling some of Hollywood’s top stars as well as working with the best names in fashion. Besides her hectic hair care commitments, Linda is a passionate writer who loves to share her knowledge on the latest hair products, styling tips and more. Check out checkcorner.com for more information on her latest work.