The Key To Stress Free Travel


The human body is astonishing.

The discoveries scientists and doctors have made over the years never fails to blow my mind.

A number of treatments that have been discovered either on purpose or by accident and is truly is amazing.

My Health

For myself personally, I have learned to recognize the signs that a cold is in my future.


Knowing your body is important however sometimes it is not enough.

Certain symptoms can disguise themselves as something else and out of nowhere we could need certain medical attention ASAP.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal right. Just rush out to your doctor or hospital and get treated!

Yes, that is what you should be doing if you are at home…

But what if you are on traveling in a totally different country??

It can be easy to think to yourself “oh I am just going overseas for a few days, nothing bad will happen.”

That Is Not True!

You and I both know that is not 100% certain. Your health and overall well-being are too important to leave up to chance and you should always be prepared to deal with the worst case scenario.


How Can We Do That?

With getting travel insurance!

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Even if you generally are a very healthy person and don’t have many medical issues don’t skip out on travel insurance.

It’s a Pretty Sweet Deal

Wouldn’t you rather spend a few hundred dollars on travel insurance and be totally covered, or have to spend thousands upon thousands on emergency medical care?


I think we both know the answer.

Where You Travel To

If you have never traveled internationally, you may not be fully aware of how health care works where you are visiting.

Needing emergency immediate medical attention never really falls into the fun category.

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Bet you have never thought about the “fun” level of needing emergency medical attention in a country where you aren’t covered and can’t afford the price tag.

Whether it is as small as getting a strep test or as big as surgeries if you don’t have the money you don’t have the money.


Traveling to another country for an extended period of time whether it be for school or work is truly a once in a lifetime experience.


Spending time in a new environment, with new friends, doing new things…

Just amazing!

Don’t Let Your Adventures Get Ruined

Having your adventures ruined by not having insurance protection really isn’t something you want.

The actual length and location of your travels may affect the type of Expat insurance you want to get.

As long as you do your research and find a plan you are comfortable with you should be good to go!

Time For You Guys

Please let me know. Have you ever traveled without travel insurance? Did it have any negative effects? Leave your opinions or any advice in the comments below!