Do You Want 15% Off Natural Organic Beauty?

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We both know why you are here.

The title says it all.

You want an epic discount on some amazing natural organic beauty products! 

Wait, do you even know what company we are talking about yet?

I feel ya, I get sucked into coupons too before I even know what I am getting.

I mean who doesn’t like saving money am I right? Nobody I know.

Can You Relate?

You see tons of amazing ads promoting products you think look awesome but have a hard time justifying the price if you are unsure whether or not it will work for you…

Of course buying a new product always comes with a risk that you may not like it. But we can’t forget that we may end up loving it too! 

The point is when I see a good deal I am much more inclined to give new products a chance because sales don’t come up every day. 

Stop The Rambling!

Okay. I won’t leave you hanging any longer.

Let’s get into it. Drum roll, please…

Drum Drum Drum Drum


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Wait, what is MindfulLuxe

I am glad you asked.


Source: About Page

Long story short, it is an online store that carries tons of amazing organic, natural brands.

Fun Fact

There is both a Canadian and American shop. 

Why I Am Loving This Shop

I personally love shops like MindfulLuxe because you truly get such a variety of amazing products.

Depending on where you live and how much you are buying, shipping prices can be a little extreme.

We all go through those weeks where we somehow run out of a handful of our favorite products out of nowhere.

The Struggle Is Real

Say you run out of 5 different loves from 5 different shops. This basically can result in a hefty shipping bill which nobody digs. 

Unless of course, you do. No judgment here.

I personally would rather find one shop that carries several different brands like MindfulLuxe so I can get all the brands I need in one single order.

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Coupon Time 

MindfulLuxe is giving you guys the opportunity to get 15% off both the Canadian and American shop using the code JACLYN15. 

The Brands

You could scroll through the site to see all the brands for yourself but a few brands they carry are Josh Rosebrook, Modern Minerals, and Kari Gran. 

The Prices

I am glad you asked. See another great benefit of online stores with several brands is there generally is a large variety of pricing. 

Affordable Product

One affordable product that caught my eye is this sample size KARI GRAN | Suji Red Lip Whip & Lip Buff Duo

The sample goes for $3.00 while the full size goes for $37.00

I can always appreciate an affordable sample size product. It really is an amazing way to find out if a product will work well for you.

Luxury Product 

Now if you want to treat yourself using some birthday or holiday cash, they have got some pretty amazing high-end products as well.

I can’t stop eyeing this SIAM SEAS Elements Beauty Balm that costs $95.00

I LOVE makeup products that are good for my skin- exactly why beauty balms are one of my best friends.

Some people love splurging on makeup, some love splurging on skincare.

BB creams pretty much are the result of a moisturizer and foundation having a baby, so BB creams are the best of both worlds.

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Final Thoughts

So, if you are interested in getting 15% off an amazing organic and natural beauty store I highly recommend checking out MindfulLuxe and shop using the code JACLYN15 for 15% off both the Canadian and American shop. 

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