The Biggest Hair Trends According to Pinterest

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For the past several years, Pinterest has been the holy grail of beauty and fashion inspiration. Fashionistas all over the world have been gathering on this platform, clicking and tapping their absolute favorites among beauty trends, thus contributing to collecting them all in one place.

So what’s IN in 2017 hair-wise? Let’s find out!

Braided Top Knots

Braided top knots

Have you mastered the fishtail yet? What about halo or boxer braids? Good. Now it’s time to try something new, and it’s called braided top knot Vanessa Hudgens is known for ever since the end of her HSM days. Thanks to her talented stylist Riawna Capri, V adds a bit of oomph to a classic updo, thus making it perfect for every occasion and outfit, regardless of the level of formality. Do you wish to learn how to make one yourself? Check out this step-by-step guide.

Ash Balayage

Ash balayage

We’ve already said goodbye to ombre, and welcomed balayage with open arms; it seems that in 2017, this trend is about to remain number one. In the past, women (mostly) opted for golden caramel hues; however, more and more red carpet divas have started transforming their warm shades into a bit cooler tones, probably inspired by Kendall Jenner’s fabulous ashy phase.  

No Heat Hairstyles

No-heat hairstyles

Brace yourselves, girls, summer’s coming, meaning we will be less tolerant to blow dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners. Luckily, this season, we’re seeing a female movement towards no-heat hairstyles which are not only more practical during the scorching July days but are also less harmful to our hair.

For busy girls, there are pin back waves, messy updos, bubbly ponytails, braids in front, braids half up… basically – braids everywhere! And how are you going to make these amazing hairstyles? Following Pinterest tutorials, of course. 

Natural Curls

Natural curls

Have you checked Alicia Keys’ Instagram lately? This girl, who set the entire #nomakeup trend, is now all about curls au naturelle. So, all of you curly girls who cannot imagine a day without your straighteners – stop being a slave to your hair. Stop smothering your curls and let the volume out – let your hair breathe.  

Healthy and Regenerating Products

Healthy and regenerating products

In addition to avoiding the use of a multitude of heating tools, women have started using hair vitamins to rid their hair of toxins, prevent damages and add shine. There are also quite popular nutritional supplements that can boost your hair with amino acids, as a result support health and normal growth from the root. Note that by opting for hair vitamins, you get a personalized solution for your hair’s unique needs.

Furthermore, jojoba oil that we’ve so far used for our face and body slowly started substituting coconut oil for our hair. This multi-purpose product will moisturize our body for the upcoming summer season and will add a glossy sheen to our hair.

Red Hair

Red hair

Ever wondered if you could pull off the ginger? There’s no better time to experiment than right now – with A-listers like Eleanor Tomlinson, Sophie Turner, Emma Roberts (and Stone, once again), you have all the support you need to try something completely different.

Still, if you’re fond of your fun blond spirit, Jennifer Lawrence says that’s ok too.  

Head Scarves

Head scarves

For years, Blair Waldorf has been dictating the headpiece scene with her headbands, and now we’re witnessing the revival of this adorable Gossip Girl trend. Coming in a variety of colors and patterns, head scarves inject style into every casual outfit, and as a bonus –hide our greasy roots.   

Have you found anything on the list you might want to try this season, but are unsure whether you’ll pull it off or be able to do it yourself? Not to worry, this summer’s all about experimenting, and Pinterest will not just be your #1 source of inspiration but will guide you through every hairstyle you can possibly think of.

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