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Whats up ladies and gents?

This blog post may be going up on April Fools day but this post is no joke.

If you have done your Jaclyn homework you may know I go through skincare like most people go through Chapstick.

You know that kid at school who would pull out their chapstick on in class every ten minutes?

That’s pretty much me and skincare.

No joke!

Ps. If you were that chapstick obsessed kid I give you much respect. Who doesn’t love chapstick?

So, with that being said I recently got to try out some new products from a company called Moor Spa

About The Brand

more spa

1) They are inspired by nature

2) All the products are 100% naturally derived

3) Products do not contain synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances

Quote: “Moor Spa is rated as one of the safest product lines in the spa industry by one of the leading consumer product safety organizations in North America.” Source

Now onto the fun.

I got to experiment with 3 products from the brand and I am going to share them with you:

Facial Polish

This product is recommended to be used once or twice a week.

For my skin specifically, I have been able to use it 4-5 days a week and have been thrilled.

It is gentle enough where I can get away with using it more often.


I always say when using a new product start out by following the directions and if you feel you can get away with tweaking the rules, go for it!

This product has been perfect for giving my skin an extra pick me up and overall making my skin feel smooth and amazing!!!!

Eye Zone Cream

I have never seen an eye cream this big in my entire life. I have literally bought full sized moisturizers smaller than this product.

Considering how little you need, I am confident this will last me forever.

eye cream

No matter how hard I try I almost always end up pouring too much out. It actually works out great because I end up putting the additional product on my lips.

Can’t decide how I love using this product more – as an eye cream or pretend lip balm?

I don’t like choosing favorites so we can call it a tie.

Facial Soother


My skin is dry, but I still suffer from occasional acne.

When I break out I put drying cream on the pimple to… well dry it out.

The acne cream does make the area pretty red and irritated for a few days, but it gets rid of my acne magically.

Your skin can’t be 100% perfect all the time.

So having slight redness and irritation is worth it.

More Problems

Putting moisturizer on my skin post acne cream days can sometimes make my skin burn and get worse.

I have resorted to putting polysporin on the irritated areas in the past but the texture just isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

Facial Soother To The Rescue

The facial soother is meant to treat sunburned or freshly waxed skin.


I thought to myself…

“hey when my skin gets irritated post acne cream day it is a very similar feeling to a sunburn or bad waxing reaction so let’s see how this works.”

I put the facial soother on my skin when it was feeling dry and irritated and wow did it make my skin feel SO much better!

Yes, that uppercase “so” was necessary.

It made my skin feel so calm and made my skins texture feel incredibly smooth.

I did save this product for last because it was my favorite and knew there would be slight babbling going on.

I Want to Hear Your Thoughts

1) How do you treat irritated skin from acne treatments?

2) What was your favorite product I shared?

Disclaimer: Products were sent for PR purposes. All opinions are my own.

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