Is Your Skin Aging Faster During Winter?


This is a guest post by Zara Lewis.

We love winter and Christmas time! The decorations, the lights, the skiing, all the gorgeous food, the fam around… who wouldn’t love it! And then, even when you’re left alone, things are amazing – you get to spend days all curled up with a hot cup of cocoa in your hand, your favorite Christmas movie marathon on and your adorable dog nesting somewhere around your thighs. Too cute!

Unfortunately, not everything about winter is as sweet as this; in case you didn’t know, winter is our worst skin enemy and one of the primary suspects for our rapid aging. Yes! We were shocked, too! Sure, we were aware of how cold, harsh winds can damage the skin, causing it redness, irritation and cracking, but we never knew its effect was as damaging as causing the skin to age.

To help the skin not get as affected by the winter, we’ve put together a list of things we should all start implementing immediately and prolong aging as much as possible.

Start Monitoring The Humidity Level at Home

Winter care starts at home. Without a proper humidifier, you are exposing yourself to susceptibility to colds and respiratory illness.


Low humidity causes static electricity the result of which are dry skin and hair, and itching and chapping, not to mention dry throat and nose. Body moisture evaporates so quickly when humidity levels are low that you feel chilled even at higher thermostat settings.

You’re helping out your skin (and health) by adding a humidifier to your home. It’s that simple.

Stop Using Hot Water For Long Baths & Showers

Rarely anything feels as comforting as hot and long baths/showers during the cold season, right? But, little did we know that they do have a paradoxical drying effect on our skin! Apparently, even dermatologists advise against hot water and suggest using mildly warm water and taking shorter showers/baths.


Afterward, ALWAYS moisturize your skin (face AND body).

Be Open to Using a New Moisturizer

While there is a common thinking is that one moisturizer fits all seasons, they don’t.

One of the top sins of skin care is using the same moisturizer in the summer and winter simply because the climatic conditions change and so does the skin with them.


Cold and dryness put a lot of stress on your skin, making it vulnerable to damages; further, they trigger inflammation and dehydration which are the main culprits in aging.

So, ditch your summer moisturizer and replace it with a richer, more protective and more moisturizing cream during the cold season.

Stop Being Stubborn About Your Workout Routine

While everyone absolutely admires your commitment to working out in winter and respects your love for the outdoors scenarios, your skin, and health aren’t.

Your running sessions outside may feel pleasant but the skin is cracking harshly as you do, no matter how well you treat it with protective creams.

The winds are very powerful, the sun way harsher than in the summer and the air is extremely dry. All these are factors cause skin diseases, intense irritations and promote aging.


To save your skin, switch up your workout routine by moving it indoors. If you are not a fan of gym time you can always invest in a piece of commercial fitness equipment you’ll store at your home and have at your immediate reach whenever you feel like working out.

And, naturally, don’t forget to nurture the skin after you’ve exercised.

Tone Down The Makeup 

A lot of makeup may look good on Kim Kardashian but the reality of things is way different.

Makeup is a very dangerous factor promoting skin aging, and way faster than you can imagine; it blocks the pores, prevents your skin from breathing and potentially causes allergies due to chemicals that intoxicate the skin.


In winter, when the weather conditions are harsh and the skin is already suffering as it is, using layers of makeup is only increasing the risk of having it crack and age rapidly.

No, no one is suggesting you renounce makeup altogether; we’re simply advising you tone it down a bit.

Do you really need three layers of foundation and five layers of concealer on your (young) skin? Of course, you don’t. A layer of a quality base will do the trick and you’ll look just as good, we promise.

Enjoy your Christmas time and be smart about your skin routines. We hope the tutorial above helped!