Top 4 New Year’s Resolutions of a Beauty Addict


This is a guest post by Zara Lewis. You can find her on Twitter

Let’s face it – no diet ever has started on a Monday nor has any other change as a matter of fact; things change the moment we feel it’s time they do, and that’s when we act.

Until your ratio and emotion harmonize that much-needed life alteration won’t happen – not for a New Years or any other day.

However, once you do admit to yourself that you are better than your bad habits, your whole life may turn for better.

We love it when that happens! It’s a sort of epiphany, a strong one, and there’s almost nothing as sweet as it.

And, the good part is that all segments of our lives can be subject to this change – from your personal life, your work, your health habits and, ultimately, your beauty regimen.

We do have a feeling you’re in the right spirit of things. Aren’t you?

To all of you beauty obsessed queens, we’re laying out a guide that may help trigger the changes you are longing for.

We’ll spare you the usual and overused “drink a lot of water, eat greens, use a conditioner, blah blah blah” tips and go with something fresher.

Here we go…

Book Regular Facials


The fact you are brushing and flossing regularly doesn’t change the hygienic need to see the dentist for a checkup, right?


Well, same applies to the skin.

No matter how well you are treating your skin at home, a facialist/aesthetician is needed to step in between your DIY daily cleansing and a professionally conducted treatment the skin needs.

A deep clean at the salon will flush out blocked pores and, if you are up for it, your aesthetician will use a whole realm of light therapy to bring your skin back to health.

On top of that, you may be in for a free consultation on the products to use at home, judging by your skin type.

Nothing to lose here!

Stop Dieting


Wait, have you read this right?

Yes, you have.

And what’s the logic?

It’s simple, really.

It is very likely that the moment you stop dieting you’ll start dropping pounds.

This is actually the moment when you get out of your head and stop obsessing with progress (when, actually, all you are thinking about is food which is counter-effective to your goal) but rather – letting your body control your portion size which is a far more efficient appestat than any rulebook.

If you are constantly stressed about what you are eating, you are not only repeatedly obsessing about food but your body is suffering increased levels of cortisol production which is stress-induced, leading to weight gain (cortisol helps the body store fat, particularly around the midriff).

So, to stay beautiful, relax. Turn to healthy foods without much obsession and work out. You’ll be fine.

Consider Corrective Surgery 


Nobody has the time to dwell on the morality of plastic/corrective surgery anymore; really, it’s the 21st century and people have come up with ways to help us look better, quicker.

What’s wrong with that?

If you’ve been feeling insecure about your face or body and tried every possible cream there is to Q10 your eyelids, your cheeks, the hips and whatnot (but nothing has worked), why not let yourself undergo a surgical procedure?

Amazing procedures like blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), facelifts, lipo or fat grapping are the most amazing inventions ever!

Consult with the top surgeon in your town/city and see if you’re the right candidate.

Fright not, you’ll look even more gorgeous than you already are!

Clean Your Cell


If you’re raising your eyebrow thinking “what have cell phones got to do with my beauty regimen?”, stop it this second; darling, they’ve got EVERYTHING to do with it!

The fact most of us are spending the third (maybe even more) of our day on our cells makes those same phones a source of bacteria and germs!

If you’ve ever noticed the right side of your jaw (or your left side, depending on the hand you use more) has more irritation, bumps or pimples than it should, there’s your answer – it’s the cell phone.

We grab cells with dirty hands in public transport while driving, paying cash, or typing on the keyboard (which is also a bacteria bed) and all the filth sticks.

To prevent your beautiful face from catching bacteria any more than it should, clean your cell regularly.

Use an antiseptic liquid to clean it or anti-bacterial wipes.

Do this every day!

Introduce these beauty tips in your life and witness your whole body and face enter a blissful stage of things – the revolution of beauty.