How To Build The Perfect Shadow Palette


This is a guest post by Aliceie Rodriquez

Be it summer or winter, to pick out the right color combination is always a challenge when it comes to an eye shadow.

But, then there are those days when one just continues to use a few favorite shades right down to the pan.

Whereas on the other hand, the rest of the colors remain untouched.

We all have been through this, haven’t we?


For this very reason, most of the women love to have customizable makeup palettes. But, beware DIYing a palette is an option that is both promising as well as daunting.

Using a compact with no throwaway shades may feel like a win-win situation. However, building your own palette with so many options to choose from may feel overwhelming.

So, ladies proceed with caution.


Know The Colors That Bring Out Your Eyes

Most of the women see it as a challenge to select a perfect eye shadow for their eyes.

Well, the truth is if one is aware of the color that works best for them, there would be no problem. Therefore, the first rule of building a perfect eye shadow palette is knowing what color truly brings out the best.

Plums, purples, red browns and golden metallics pop the green eyes strikingly. Blue eyes, on the other hand, look the best in taupe, slate colored gray, copper and warm browns with a little orange base.


The ones with the brown eyes are considered very lucky because they can get away with almost any color be it on a customized palette or one of the best affordable makeup palettes available in the market.

All they need to do is experiment with the colors they love and explore the beautiful possibilities.


Neutrals Never Get Outdated

Though color correction with concealer around the eye area has become mainstream nowadays.

But, to make the colors actually work one needs to work with tone variations in order to create stunning shadows and highlights which emphasize the shape of the eyes as well as the color.

This can only be achieved by working with the tones that appear natural on the lid.


So, take a cue from the standard palette that you already own and find a neutral shade upon which you can build. Begin by choosing a basic duo, a neutral with a darker shadow for a liner.

This way build up to an effective trio by augmenting the light and dark duo with a medium tone in the same color family.

Now, feel free to add as many eye-popping colors as you like. They will all work well with your neutrals.


Palette Options For The Cheeks

Did you ever notice that the best affordable makeup palettes available in the market always have more than one blush option?

So, if you’re taking the pain to build your shadow palette, then why not include more of them for different occasions.


A pretty pink on the cheeks can make you look fresh, healthy and beautiful while running errands. A shade of dusty rose on a serious note may look appropriate for the office.

Professionals usually love the combination of blush with a bronzer and a highlighter.

Therefore, they recommend a spice shade of the blush for the pale women. For a dark skin woman, deep plum looks perfect for contour and depth.


A highlighter, on the contrary, can make the cheekbones stand out a bit more for the women with round cheeks. So, the next time you pick up the brushes, remember to match the cool and warm tones of the blush with the eye shadow.


Balance The Neutrals With The Lip Color

The most basic rule of using a neutral shade is to pair it with a bold color. So, if you are going to wear a neutral eye makeup, choose a brighter and bolder color for the lips.

If you are going to wear a vibrant or smoky eye makeup, make sure to balance it with neutral lip color.

Though this may be the only way to balance the neutrals other than choosing the same tone colors, but then black and silver eye makeup can look great with vermilion lips.


Neutral lips with neutral eye makeup can look divine as well. All you need to do is experiment with the shades and find the right ones for yourself.

So, we hope you enjoyed the post. On that note, do let us know which colors will make it to your personal customized shadow palette?


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