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You know those expressions and quotes along the lines of “smiling makes you happier”…

Wise words.


They forgot to put the disclaimer at the end that states “this does not include those with dry skin!”

Allow Me To Explain

When my skin gets super super super dry around my mouth and chin area, whenever I smile the skin often cracks and it kills!

And it also isn’t exactly the most attractive thing in the world.

Good News

This only really happens to me in the winter.

Bad News

Where I live it is snowing today. So in my mind, that means winter is here 🙁 

Back To The Good News

The right products can make the dryness so much better! 

Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did

I used to think the only way I could help my dry skin not totally suck was to pack on an enormous amount of moisturizer.

In case you’re new here I used to have lots of strange ideas, but hey “nobody’s perfect” right.

Did that line just make you start singing the Hannah Montana song too?

Yes, I did say Hannah Montana NOT Miley Cyrus. There is a huge difference.

Back In The Day…

Back in the day AKA like a couple years ago in the winter I could not leave my house without a little baby vaseline. 

Why is that you ask???

I would need to constantly place it on my dry cracked skin because nothing else would help.

Sure I looked greasy but I just thought there was nothing else I could do.

Back To The Present

Seriously, every time I discover a new product and love it the first thing I think is “Agh this would have been so useful in (insert awkward beauty routine fail memory)” 

The product I am about to share with you made me think back on those lovely memories of having to bring baby vaseline with me everywhere I go. 

I know you loved hearing my lovely stories but I guess now we can get into the product.

And the product is…

Ultra-Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks by Bel Mondo Beauty





Quick Summary

  • Box of 4: $45
  • Box of 1: $12




Get 33% off at checkout using the code Im33. This code is available until the end of the year! 

This was my first time using a sheet mask so it was kind of a funny experience.

I am very rebellious and never really read product instructions. 

I Mean How Complicated Can Skincare Be?

  • Open the packaging
  • Put the stuff on your face
  • Rinse
  • Live your life

The instructions were needed in this situation…

If you have used a sheet mask in the past you probably would have nailed it…

But not me.

After a little pep talk, I did have success! Aren’t you proud?

Don’t Believe Me? Check Me Out!


This Was The Best Part

98% of the time if I don’t apply moisturizer the second after I finish my routine my skin is beyond tight and just not comfortable.

After I took off the mask my skin felt so hydrated and moisturized!!

10 minutes post mask

10 minutes post mask

I thought it would be fun to time myself and see how long I could wait it out before putting on moisturizer.

Is it embarrassing to say it was the highlight of my day playing that game?

Oh well… It was and I am proud

Guess how long I lasted…

Did you guess yet?

Ok, drum roll, please.


20 minutes!

That may not seem like a lot to you, but I could not believe it.

That has ever happened to me in my entire life.

Check Out These Pics Of My Skin

img_3997 img_4006 img_4108


One of the main reasons I never went out of my way to purchase sheet masks in the past was because I thought it was silly to spend so much cash on something you only use once.

But these masks are very affordable and for me at least I have noticed long term benefits.

As I am typing this sentence I last applied the mask 10 days ago and my skin still feels incredible.


Obviously, it is not as good as it was the day of and the following day, but I am still very pleased.

I hear enough of my own thoughts, I want to hear yours…

1) Did you wait until you were 22 or older to try a sheet mask like me because you were afraid?

2) Which product on the site is your favorite?

Don’t forget to visit and find a mask that works for you!

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