Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month


This is a guest post by Leanne of

For those of you who know me will know that I am a huge fan of Instagram.

I love to explore all things nail and beauty related, though nails and nail art are my first love.


I have recently joined in on a challenge created by @ladyandthe_stamp and @starryeyed83 to help raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer, which involves creating different nail art designs using purple polishes throughout the month of November.

If you wish to join in, check out the guidelines on either of these ladies pages and tag your photos with #pcanovember16.


The first challenge of the month was to create a design using the theme hearts/love.

Although I am addicted to nail art, I’m not fantastic at it, though I figured that this was a great opportunity to practice. So what design was I to create?

These ladies on Instagram have such amazing skills, so I had to do my very best! I had a quick scroll on Pinterest for some ideas and finally decided to mix up a couple of looks I came across…


What do you think?

Not too bad haha!

I used a pastel lilac from a wonderful indie maker known as ‘Ard as Nails based in the UK.


For the forefinger and little finger, a beautiful shimmery glitter for the ring finger. and for the heart design, I used a deep purple polish and a Moyou London stamping plate against a plain white background.


And for the heart design, I used a deep purple polish and a Moyou London stamping plate against a plain white background.

To add a little extra sparkle I used a small purple gem too!


The second challenge was to create a purple gradient. This I can do! I’ve seen that other ladies chose to add something extra, be it stamping, gems, freehand over the top of the gradient, but I decided to do what I do best and keep things simple…


This look is so easy to create.

Always start off with a light base, allow to dry, then using a makeup sponge add your darker color in a rolling motion where you would like your gradient to be.

I chose to have the darker color nearest my cuticles, but you could always go from side to side or even have your lighter color near the cuticles.

It can be a bit messy, though, so be prepared to clean up around the nail, and even maybe use tape to prevent too much mess. I used a very subtle glitter from Leighton Denny to add a little twinkle and I have to say it all came together rather nicely!


There are still three more challenges to take part in, including flowers, wings/feather, and glitter. I love how anyone can join in on this, you don’t have to be a pro, and it’s fun too.

If you love nails and nail art I urge you to join in and light up everyone’s Instagram feed with purple designs and spread awareness of this cause throughout November.


Thank you so much to Jaclyn for inviting me to guest post on this wonderful blog, and please drop by my blog, for more nail, beauty and lifestyle posts.

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Thank you for reading,

Love, Leanne Xx