The Magical Benefits of Coconut Oil


Do you want to be stressed out?

Do you want gum disease?

Of course not!

At least I hope not.

Well to each their own.

Being stressed out for even a few hours can sometimes be enough to ruin my entire day.

Exactly why I am extremely grateful for the days I wake up in a good mood.

Coffee tastes better…clothes look cuter… life is just good.

Gum issues SUCK!

Don’t even get me started on gum/teeth issues. All I can say is OUCH!

A little bit about me

I have been through plenty of stressful days in my life and have had some teeth issues.

No matter how hard you try and stay healthy, the truth is life happens!!!

As hard as we may try to lead a stress-free life and take good care of our teeth there is no guarantee you will have no issues down the road.

Everyone has dental issues and gets stressed occasionally.

If no one did dentist and self-help practices wouldn’t exist.

Are you facing these issues now or want to prevent them from happening anytime soon.

How do you do that, though?

What If I told you there is a product you can get for less than ten dollars to help you with gum disease and stress?

Get ready… the product is…

Coconut oil!

Yup, you read that right.

Now I am not saying coconut oil will totally solve all your problems. But it can definitely help at least 28!

I am not going to share all 28 issues with you here because…

  • I honestly don’t know them well enough.
  • I don’t have the time (I have a lot of good TV to catch up on).

My friend Helen Nichols already wrote an insanely epic 7 thousand word post sharing 28 Science Verified Benefits of Coconut Oil.

You can read it here

Even if you are not a huge coconut oil lover this article will change you! 

The truth

Health issues no matter how big or small are definitely not fun.

The whole debate whether or not natural remedies should substitute medicine is an entirely new topic.

All I can say is…

Say you are experiencing a not so hot “issue” such as dandruff and aren’t down to spend a ton of cash on dandruff shampoo, there may be cheaper alternatives.

Cough cough coconut oil…

Again Helen shared 28 Science Verified Benefits of Coconut Oil and I honestly didn’t even know about half of them before the read.

So thank you very much, Helen, for educating me.

Next time one of my friends brings up coconut oil I can mention all my new fun facts and they will think I am just a little genius.

Now that article shares 28 benefits, but this article is going to share my two personal favorite benefits.

Here we go…

Benefit #1


If you have never had a massage before I am crying for you inside.

Haha not dramatic at all.

Just being able to escape for even 15 minutes in a massage is the absolute definition of heaven.

Getting a professional massage can be pricey.

I do have a pretty awesome FREE way you can get an incredible massage…

Host a girls night with 3-5 friends and you can take turns giving each other at home massages.

No massage is complete without using some sort of oil.

Hmmm what oil to use???

You guessed it my friend… Use coconut oil!

Now this method is not a long term cure for serious stress. It is, however, a fantastic way to relax after a tough week.

Benefit #2


Just hear me out.

I know this may sound kinda crazy. I thought so at first!

I am not going to get into the science of it all.

Just being honest, I am not the best source for science-related topics and do not want to tell you the wrong information. 

If you are interested in learning more…

I highly recommend doing your research and read Helen’s article.

Long story short, simply mixing some coconut oil in your mouth just like you would a mouthwash has tons of awesome benefits.

One of them being absorbing bad bacteria!

Adding coconut oil “mouthwash” is an easy and affordable addition you can add to your current hygiene routine.

There is only one downside.

The articles I read online recommended to swish the coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes!

That is a long time!

I would recommend asking your dentist for further information.

There is no such clean as teeth being too clean. 

I am a firm believer that teeth can never be too clean!

I am an oral hygiene freak and absolutely love knowing my teeth are clean and healthy.

This may just be my awkward self-consciousness speaking but I find it a little awkward to carry around mouthwash with me.

I definitely would feel way more comfortable carrying a small container of coconut oil with me instead. 

Is that normal?

Not sure…

But it is me and I am okay with that!

So much learning got done this past week!

I actually learned a lot more the past week other than 28 benefits of coconut oil.

I learned that if you do the research you will be pleasantly surprised to find out tons of“natural remedies” you would never believe.

There you have it! 

Two extremely fun benefits of coconut oil.

If you were already aware of these coconut oil benefits and are thinking “come on Jaclyn I wanted more!!”

Don’t you worry! 

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article Helen Nichols has an insanely epic 7 thousand word post sharing 28 Science Verified Benefits of Coconut Oil

If you don’t learn at least one new thing in the article then you should pat yourself on the back for being an absolute genius.

For those of you who do learn something new be sure to thank Helen for her excellent tips on her Twitter and Facebook

And if you are extremely extremely extremely (yes 3 are necessary) impressed share it with your friends!

Leave me a comment sharing your favorite way to use coconut oil.