Chic Ways To Master Minimalism


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When observing fashion icons, like Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Lady D, Grace Kelly, etc., do you see what they have in common?

Besides exuding self-confidence and authority, they all have an elegant, feminine, glamorous and sophisticated look based on their minimalistic outfits.

This timeless style is appropriate for any occasion and will never be out of fashion.

If you want to enhance those qualities in your appearance, we’ll give you a few tips on how to achieve it.

Forms Of Simplicity 

The best way to create a minimalistic look is to stick to pieces with simple, but striking form.

One of the most important rules is to wear clothes that fit your figure perfectly; it will look sophisticated and accent your features.

In order to mark the right ones and hide the others that you don’t love so much, it would be good to learn what types of garments fit your body type the most.


If you want to hide your chubby belly, avoid clothes that can bring attention to that area.

For the top, choose a blouse that fit loosely around your stomach, like tunics or empire-waist top paired with slim-cut pants.



If you have a bigger torso, avoid oversized and shapeless pieces of clothes and the ones that can emphasize your smaller bottom.

The trick is to make your silhouette seem longer, so you should try wide leg pants or A-line skirts, for example.



Although it may seem like the most appealing and sexiest body type, if you don’t take advantage of it on the right way, you may turn up looking totally opposite of how you wanted to be.

You should wear clothes that will accent your waist, like high-waisted pants, pencil skirts or dresses that follow your shape perfectly.



If you have this “boyish” body type, avoid anything tight or too flowy around the waist area. Create the illusion of different shape with boot-cut pants or flared skirts and blouses with ruffles and wispy sleeves.


By choosing the pieces of clothes that fit you perfectly, you’ll have the half of minimalistic look done.

Reduced Colors 

Minimalism isn’t referring just to a form and style, but also to colors. Black is number one when it comes to this kind of look and most of the people would agree that black combines with any other color, or pattern.

It can give needed sophisticated touch even to a plain t-shirt.

If you have any doubts what to wear, you can’t go wrong with this.


Black isn’t (and it shouldn’t be) the only choice. You can also wear white, but unlike black, avoid dressing up all in this color. It’s better to mix it with black or some other shade, in order to make a certain contrast for chic effect.

It’s better to mix it with black or some other shade, in order to make a certain contrast for chic effect.

Overall, your pallet should be made from more natural and neutral shades, like beige, brown, gray, navy, green and purple.

There’s no harm in adding more vivid colors into your look, like red, yellow or even pink, but you shouldn’t exaggerate with mixing too many of them.

If you like patterns, choose one dominant piece and combine it with garments in some matching, but reduced color.

It’s All In The Details

After you solved the first question – what to wear? – here comes the second, even more important one: How to wear it?

Quality clothes are totally worth investing in, but it’s just a base that you need to enhance with appropriate accessories.

Remember that “appropriate” is the key word here – choose tasteful jewelry in clear shapes, nothing too shiny or too big.


An elegant satchel and noticeable shoes are must-have for completing the perfect classy minimalistic look.

For final touch – don’t forget the sunglasses: it doesn’t matter which season is, as long there’s the sun in the sky.

Wearing these will not only add a touch of Hollywood glamor to your look, but it will make you a little mysterious too.

Choose the model wisely and stick to some classic and statement one, like Carrera sunglasses has in its collections.

Creating a minimalistic look is even easier than it seems. It’s all about modern forms that should fit you perfectly, quality fabrics and reduced accessories.

Get yourself a couple of must-have classic garments and you’ll look like the ladies you admire.

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Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is style editor at High Style Life.

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