Three Tips for Wonky-Browed Wonders


This is a guest post by Liv from The Static Gypsy.

I like most humans, have a wonky face.

One side is considerably higher (and a bit prettier) than the other. And in this day and age of the Instagram Brow, it’s very obvious that some trends are not suitable for 99% of the human race.

Girls with perfectly symmetrical brows… I salute you and fear you a little too.

I’ve always had an A-symmetrical face, so when I started grooming my brows, I realized this would be no easy thing to hide.

I thought I’d share my top three tips for folk like me who simply will never have an even face.

Of course, the biggest tip of all embraces the Asymmetric, and wear the wonky with pride. But if you want to make it a little less obvious, see my cheat tips below.

Don’t Treat Both Brows The Same

Twinning brows are not for me; they’re not at all practical. When I do my makeup each morning, I brush and fill in my brows like any girl.

But my right brow gets brushed up, and the left is brushed down. There’ll be beauty experts everywhere screaming that I do that I’m sure, but it really does create the illusion of there being less of a height difference in my brows.

My right brow is considerably lower than my left, so by brushing the hairs in opposite directions, it closes the gap and makes them look more even.

Don’t Be Afraid To Pluck Where You Need It

Learning to pluck my own brows as a teenager, I was told by everyone and their dog “don’t pluck above the brow; the hair doesn’t grow back there”.

Spoiler alert – yes it does!

It’s hair. If you’re not overly enthusiastic with your brows, the hairs will always grow back. I pluck the tiniest amount off the top of my higher brow to bring the hairline down to match the other one better.

I’ve never plucked above my right brow, but my left one gets this treatment every time I do my brows. I promise you that it’s not a big deal, as long as you use a light hand and a bit of thought.

Learn Your Camera Angles

You’ll see from almost every photo of me that my angles are near all the same. Learn which angles work for you and stick to them, practice them even (especially if you have a special occasion coming up).

The easiest way to make it look as though your brows are more even than they really are is to tilt your head one way or the other, obviously.

Look at past photos of yourself that you love and think you look the best in, copy the angle, take selfies, deploy the angle when someone else takes a photo of you, and you’ll never have that “oh my God delete that now” moment again.

You get extra Wonky Wonder points if you raise your lower brow ever so slightly as well, this helps too!

Author Bio: Liv is a beauty & lifestyle blogger from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. She likes cats, photos and country music. Find out what she’s up to weekly over on The Static Gypsy.