Don’t Travel Without These Beauty Essentials

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This is a guest post written by Abby. She is a writer and social media manager for My Hair Care. If you are looking for an additional resource on hair care and beauty, visit their blog at

If you find it a challenge to pack light for a trip, imagine when it comes to packing your beauty bag! It is tempting to throw in every single beauty product you own into your beauty bag for those ‘just in case’ moments.

But doing so can be impractical and difficult to manage during your travel.

Hence, you need to be smart about which beauty products you include in your travel essentials kit.

Below are the top 7 products you need to carry with you on holiday:

Face Mist

This is one of those beauty products that you simply cannot do without on your travel beauty bag. It is perfect to quickly freshen up, especially on those long flights.

A quick spritz on your face and you will be easily freshened up. It also allows your skin to stay moisturized and combat dryness.

You can use it post-cleansing or before retouching your makeup. The easiest tool for staying fabulous on your travel!

Mini Razor

Are you headed to a beach? A mini razor is a must! You want your legs to look pristine – hair-free and smooth! Make sure to pack it with its own handy case to keep it safe and secure!

Boar Bristle Brush

Hair care experts agree that a boar bristle brush is the best type you could use on your hair. It is also suitable for all hair types – thin, coloured or naturally fine hair. You can throw it into your handbag and will add instant volume to your locks!

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Hair Care Set

When you travel, the hotel often supplies you with shampoo and conditioner. But it is important to carry your own set of your preferred choice of shampoo and conditioner as what is supplied by the hotel might not be suitable for your hair.

Don’t forget your conditioner – it’s your ticket to having a good hair day wherever you may go!


This is important for obvious reasons. Even when you are not traveling in the summer time, it is important to always pack sunscreen with you because the sun could still have harsh effects on your skin.

Choose a light and non-greasy formula so it spreads evenly without feeling sticky. If possible, choose a sunscreen infused with vitamin E and have a water-resistant formula.

Makeup Palette 

When it comes to packing your makeup kit for travel, stick to one palette. You cannot afford to bring every single makeup palette you own.

Instead, choose a palette that can work for creating both day and night makeup looks. It will be more practical and easy to pack.

Makeup Wipes

This is a very simple beauty tool that you simply cannot do without! First off, a makeup wipe will help to remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Makeup removal is a very important component to taking good care of your skin and when you are traveling, it is easy to neglect this step.

Make sure you don’t do that to your skin. With a few quick sweeps, this tool can get it done.

Which of these beauty products can you not travel without?

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Abby is a writer and social media manager for My Hair Care. If you are looking for an additional resource on hair care and beauty, visit their blog at