Messy Slept-in Waves Hairstyle Tutorial


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Creating different hairstyles for your princess is a joy that you can’t get enough off. One such simple hairdo is messy slept in waves hairstyle that offers an elegant style for the girls to get them more beautiful and charming.

Moreover, being a mother, you too can try out this simple hairstyle and get up for a stylish personality.

Since I have been into the styling of my little wonder, and then I resolved to get upward with this tutorial to help out mothers to try out such a simple yet elegant hairdo that that would just make her young girls pretty and positive about their personality.

Requirements for Having the Messy Slept- in Waves Hairstyle


Firstly, I would like to share that making a perfect messy slept-in wavy hairstyle is an easy job that takes a bit of planning on your role.

Then, all you need to possess is a hair mousse to add texture to the hair and also coat the hair to provide protection from heating during the styling of the hair. Then you need a 1 and a half inch curling iron, a blow dryer, a hair brush, and some skill to get the best of the hairstyle for your girls.

Get Your Girl’s Hair Ready for Slept-in Waves Hairdo


Start by applying some mousse to the hair of your girl and make sure that you choose the product by marking off its credentials as it should append the required measure of texture in the hair.

I favor using the Suave Kids Cherry Vanilla Soda Mousse for my princess, as it adds texture to the hair and keeps them frizz free. It is a moisturizing mousse that keeps hair nourished and shiny and helps to keep your little’s girl’s hairstyle in place for the entire day.

Next, you’ll need to get out your blow dryer and use it to dry out the mouse to create the desired texture for having the perfect slept- in waves look.

Bring out Your Magical Curling Iron


At once you are required to take out your curling iron as I favor utilizing the T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand to create the desired waves and curls with perfection.

You can begin creating the waves by only taking the small section of the hair at a given time, and you must start from back to front side to style the entire hair with precision.

So, get your styling tool and wrap the given section of hair on it and gently pull down the hair to release the waves. Repeat it for the remaining hair and hold on your styling tool out from the face while styling your girl’s hair to keep them safe.

Render the Final Touches to Your Waves


So once the waves are done, then you need to pass your hands gently through the waves and pull them a bit to give an individual look to your waves and make them look a bit messy. You can also turn on the individual strand of waves by only extracting them to produce a charming look that makes your little girl’s hair, stylized with a messy slept-in wavy hairdo with perfection.



Hair being the essential aspect of a girl’s personality needs adequate attention and pampering, and when it gets to the question of caring and styling of your girl’s hair, I recommend having the best merchandise and incredible styling ways to heighten their beauty and confidence.

Then, take your young ladies ready to experiment with their looks by having the most desired and perfect hairdo for any formal occasion with messy Slept- in waves that you can likewise feel free to try out with astonishing perfection.


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