On The Go Makeup Tips


This is a guest post by Brittany of www.brittanyfenton.com.

I travel once a week to visit my boyfriend who lives four hours away.

I have had a fair bit of practice when it comes to packing makeup for when I’m away from home. 

Here are my top tips:


Plan Your Face


If I’m going away for two or three days, I plan the makeup I am going to wear each day.

Therefore, the only makeup in my makeup bag is stuff I actually need.


Reuse Products


Do you need 3 different foundations? No, probably not… I try to use the same foundation for the whole trip, however, I might take a tinted moisturizer as an extra. The same goes for all makeup products.

No, probably not. 

I make an effort to use the same foundation for my entire tip. 

However, I might take a tinted moisturizer as an extra.

The same goes for all makeup products.


One Eyeshadow Palette is Enough 


Get an eyeshadow palette that has enough shades to create any look you need. My favorite is the Stila palette in Soul. I take that one every time I am going away.


Utilize Palettes


Speaking of palettes, face palettes are also amazing!

Contour, blush, and concealer palettes are all incredible for minimizing the amount of products you take along. I absolutely adore the Zoeva blush palettes for on-the-go makeup.


Use Dual Products


A cheek stain and a lip stain… Perfect.

A concealer and an eye primer…Perfect.

Every product that has multiple uses is perfect to add to your makeup bag as it saves a lot of space.



Those are the tips I have picked up during my time of traveling.

I hope you find them helpful! Leave your tips below! 

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