Where to Find Skincare With Natural Ingredients


Did You Know

I went to college for cosmetology.

What I Learned

My curriculum did include ingredients in skincare. Memorizing a million ingredients and what they do almost gave me a nervous breakdown.

My brain could only remember so much.

But truth be told I did learn a lot!

I would literally go to stores to read the ingredients on products and feel so proud that I was such a little genius.

Now several years later I do not remember absolutely everything.


At Least…

I do remember popular which ingredients are considered “the best” and natural.

My Personal Preferences

I personally don’t have a specific list of ingredients I absolutely will not use or only use, but I know some of you readers do.

Your Preferences

If you prefer to use natural skincare or are looking to incorporate more of it into your routine I might be able to help…



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Onto The Products


Chorus Purify Cleansing Milk is perfect for those days or weeks when your skin just needs some TLC.

You know when you get home from a long day at the beach and you have enough sand in your hair to build a sandcastle in your bathroom? 

Gotta love those days.

But when you get home the only thing you want to do is use a purifying shampoo.

Then you get out of the shower and life feels good again.

That is how this cleanser made my skin feel! Good analogy right?

Top Ingredients

jojoba, chamomile, lavender, and geranium

My Favorite Features

  • Very generous size. Considering how little you need you will get your money’s worth.
  • My dry skin loves this!
  • It removes all makeup without having to double cleanse.

Days My Skin LOVES This Cleanser

  • When I have been wearing way too much makeup and my skin needs some intense TLC.
  • After doing an activity that isn’t so clean like swimming or going to the gym.


Nothing in the entire world is more relaxing than coming home after a long day, taking a bath and putting on a facemask!

The best part about This Mask is how quickly it works!

Let’s just say I am not the most patient person in the world.

What am I saying…I am terrible.

At 22 years old I  haven’t outgrown asking “how much longer” in a very whiney voice.

After only 2 minutes it feels hard and I am ready to wash it off. And the second I do I feel like a new woman.

You are able to keep this mask on for ten minutes, but for days I don’t have patience and/or time 2 minutes is perfect.

The Pros

  • 100% natural and organic.
  • Very thick consistency.
  • Takes only minutes to dry.
  • Makes my skin feel insanely soft.

My Favorite Ways To Do This Mask

Be honest with me.

You do not apply your mask in front of the mirror and stand there waiting.

Doing fun activities while your mask does its thing is half the fun! 

  • This mask takes some intense scrubbing to totally get off. Letting it do its thing and rinsing it off in the shower is the best. Just standing there and having the warm water rinse the mask off feels so good!


  • Snacks taste ten times yummier while eating them with a face mask. I love when you’re eating something and all of a sudden you can barely chew because the mask is so stiff. That is how you know it is done!


  • Masks are the perfect excuse to wear old ugly clothes. You do not want to wear an outfit you care about while doing a face mask. If you accidently spill some on yourself, your outfit is toast. For me, mask time means ugly outfit time!


Just because a moisturizer is designed for dry skin does not mean it is greasy! This is the first moisturizer I have used in a long time that is extremely hydrating and almost mattifying.

You wouldn’t even believe it until you try it for yourself. How quickly this moisturizer absorbs into my skin is beyond me!

The thickness makes this a perfect primer substitute.

For you, ingredient lovers check this out!


See more here


  • Absorbs SO Fast
  • Practical and sanitary pump bottle
  • Very hydrating

Final Thoughts

Chorus skincare really knows what they are doing!

Whether you stick to only natural products or not, I highly recommend you give Chorus skincare a try.

It has been a long day and all I want to do now is put on my face mask.

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Disclaimer: Products were sent for PR purposes. All opinions are my own.