Derma MD Review – Achieve Your Skincare Goals + Giveaway


If you have not heard of Derma MD don’t worry your secrets safe with me.

All I can say is you are very lucky you stumbled across this post.

Give me just a few minutes and you will become a Derma MD master.

Well, maybe more than a few minutes…

What can I say I like to ramble and often forget not everyone is a speedy reader.


But Wait… This is More Than Just a Review


Derma MD is giving you the opportunity to win a $200 gift card to spend on their website. 

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Ok now allow me to give you the 411 on Derma MD.  

Do people still say that? Well, I just did.




Do you guys ever get excited when you find out a brand is based in the same country as you?

You better bet I do!

Derma MD is a Canadian brand! Fun fact “eh”.

Their main mission is to make women feel confident and happy with their skin.


My Skin Story


You might think trying a bunch of different products all the time would make your skin go nuts, but not in my case.

The past few months I have tried more products than I can count…

My skin!

My skin!

But I continue because my skin is tough!

It may be extremely dry but it does not get irritated very easily.

Now my eyes on the other hand… But that is another story for another day.


My Feelings


These past few months I have never been more confident with my skincare and I am very optimistic it will only get better.


I did get sent these products for review purposes. A part of my job as a blogger is to introduce you to products you may not have found otherwise.


Without Further Ado 


Allow me to share my experience and review on Derma MD . 

Exfoliating Cleanser With Peppermint & Green Tea



What Makes This Cleanser Different


When buying a cleanser I doubt the first thing that pops into your head is “hmmm will this product help increase my cell turnover.”

Let me tell you, it should be!!

Sorry if I am making you feel bad. Truth is that was never really on my mind either.

It is definitely one of those things you don’t consider until someone brings it up.

Derma MD has put this thought into my brain!

Being a huge skincare freak I cannot believe I have never used a cleanser like this before.


Science Lesson


To explain it simply, when your cell turner increases the dullness in your skin will go out the window.

Thank you Derma MD for throwing my dull skin out the window.

Grapefruit Kiwi Toner




How This Toner Will Change Your Skin


You know sometimes you get those little bumps on your face that you know aren’t zits but can’t put your finger on what exactly they are.

For the sake of this article let us call them “fake zits”. 

So I get those fake zits occasionally when I get out of the shower or cleanse my skin.

It definitely isn’t the end of the world since they generally go away very quickly.

But on the other hand, it is not fun either!

Since I have been using this toner I have not gotten fake zits once!block_1

  • Want to easily and effectively minimize oil and residue.
  • Are long lost twins with me and are obsessed with Glycerin too. Is it weird to have a favorite skincare ingredient? Because Glycerin has always been mine. 
  • Prefer toners in a spray bottle. I am a little klutz and very regularly pour out way too much product by mistake. Products that come in spray bottles solve that problem.

Lip Plumper “Peach Bellini”




If  lipstick is too intense but traditional chapstick isn’t intense enough lip plumpers are perfect!

Depending on the shade and texture some lipsticks and glosses can make your lips look way fuller.

Lip balms don’t really do that.

Even the tinted ones.

Resorting to a lip plumper is fantastic because you get the definition, hydration and a little hint of color.

This lip plumper, in particular, has benefits your lips will love!


Main Benefits


  • Increases the blood flow in your lips
  • Contains anti-aging ingredients
  • Exfoliates

The lip plumper has been a huge hit for my lips! Even when I wake up and look in the mirror I notice a significant difference.

Thank you Derma MD ! 

“Diminish” Lightening & Brightening Créme





This Product Taught Me An Important Lesson


For the first few days, I had absolutely no ideas how intense and unique this product is.

At first, I thought it was a normal moisturizer that probably contained Vitamin C and a few other brightening ingredients.

Boy, was I wrong… In a good way.

But if you are never wrong you never learn. 

Wait… if you were never wrong you wouldn’t even have to learn because you would just be that smart! 

Ok, you aren’t here for my bad jokes, you want to learn about the product.

As I said earlier I already was using the product for a few days before doing research.


Guess What I Learned?


  • It is strong enough to lighten scars
  • Protects against free radical damage
  • When using this product you must use an SPF of 30. Now I do that anyways, but these things are important to read just so you don’t bring on any unnecessary problems.

The point of the story… Read the instructions people!


In case you skimmed this article quickly, here is a quick recap…


  • Every product’s texture knocked my socks off.
  • The products are very generously sized.
  • The cleanser helped make science fun again!
  • My lips are now very Kylie Jenner. 
  • The spray bottle packaging of the toner is very practical for the klutz in me.




Thank you very much Derma MD for making this giveaway possible and for letting me try some of your products. You have gained yourself a lifelong fan!

Do not forget to enter to get a $15 coupon AND for a chance to win $200 to spend on Derma MD products. Wishing you all best of luck! 

xoxo Jaclyn 

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