Look & Feel AMAZING Using Altchek MD Even With a Wicked Cold



I had the worst cold last week.

I am still trying to mentally block it out. If you heard any weird noises in your house last week, I have no doubt in mind it was my sneezing and coughing.

Throughout the week I basically called and texted everyone I know just to complain.

When you are sick the very last thought on your mind is “hmmm what makeup am I going to do today?”

It is more like: “ahh I need soup and some Netflix.”


However, just because you are sick does not mean life stops. You still have homework, jobs, and families!

This past week I knew I probably won’t look like a superstar.

But I still want to look semi nice.


It just so happens last week I ended up looking more than semi-nice.

If you ask me I think I looked pretty good given the circumstances.

How did I do that you ask??

I treated my skin like a princess.

No, not a princess.

A queen!

Queen Jaclyn. I like the sound of that.

I did not do it on my own. I was lucky to have the help of some insanely awesome skincare products.

These products were actually sent to me by Altchek MD and they are giving you 25% off the entire site using code BAKER.



Daily Exfoliating Cleanser Quick Summary


If you don’t use an exfoliating product at least once a week you are missing out my friend.

This exfoliating cleanser, in particular, is perfect since it is designed to gently but effectively exfoliate skin.

Days when I don’t, exfoliate I notice a huge difference in my skin, and not in a good way.

You better bet especially when I am sick I do not want extra dry skin


This past week my nose was running faster than someone training for the Olympics.

Let us just say many kleenex boxes did not go to waste!

When you have mega sniffles and are blowing your nose all day, the skin around your nose is 10 times more flakey than usual.

This exfoliating cleanser was a HUGE help in keeping my skin under control. 


  • Fast and easy since it cleanses and exfoliates at the same time
  • Makeup applies more smoothly to freshly exfoliated skin ( if you want to wear any)
  • Results happen pretty quickly

How I have been using this cleanser.

Washcloth Method: 

I love the washcloth method because not only does it keep things a little less messy, but, it add extra exfoliation! 

Over the Sink: 

You guys know this method.

I’d assume its the most popular one.

But what do I know…

Anyways, this is how I cleanse my skin if I can’t be bothered to walk 15 feet to get a wash cloth.

In The Shower: 

Cleansing in the shower is definitely my favorite method. It is just so easy and again involves multi-tasking!

If you are super speedy you can get your face, hair, and body clean in ten minutes!

5 Minute Clay Removal Mask Quick Summary


Again back to some TMI moments about my wicked cold.

Basically every morning this past week looking in the mirror was definitely interesting. All I can say is, you can tell I looked sick.

I could have just sucked it up and said…

” OK Jaclyn, you look pretty gross now but in a few days when you are better you will look like yourself again”

But no! I used this mask and I got to say it really made a difference.

Instead of putting tons of cash towards a spa treatment or derm visit, you can easily and affordably apply a mask from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t feel pressured to apply it as often as the bottle suggests.

Even applying it as little as 1-2 times a month can make a significant difference.

Why I Love This Mask

  • It has a luxurious feeling even though it is so affordable
  • Perfect addition to an at home spa night
  • The product is blue, my favorite color ( don’t make fun, it is the little things in life)
  • The texture is awesome
  • My skin could not be better even with my cold

Night Treatment Quick Summary 


The best way to explain this product is a bottle full of moisture!

By now you guys are probably sick of hearing about how sick I was.

LOL was that a pun? Not sure…

Anyways, with my skin being dry when I am healthy, you wouldn’t even imagine its state when I am sick!

I will spare you the details and just say, it was bad!

Sure you can follow the instructions and just apply this at night.

I am just a rule breaker and prefer to wear it morning and night.

But even if your skin is not as dry as mine you may even like wearing this product morning and night too.

It is very hydrating but the texture feels extremely light and airy.

Fun Fact:

It does not contain any parabens or fragrances

Why I Love This Treatment:

  • It is extremely hydrating but not greasy
  • My skin feels very comfortable after applying
  • My skin feels healthy

Eye Repair Cream Quick Summary


I am so glad I started implementing eye cream into my routine so early. I am very confident with my under eye area and barely ever wear concealer.

Probably about 30% of the time is because I feel more comfortable wearing minimal makeup. And the remaining 70% of the time I honestly feel like I don’t need it.

How do I keep my under eyes healthy you ask?

By using high-quality rich eye creams.

Can we just play a game and guess how many times I said “sick” in this post.

Probably at least 10. If any of you are sick while reading this post I am very sorry for making you think about it more.


I want you to visualize your worst cold ever. Again sorry for making you relive the difficult times.

How many of these scenarios best explained your last cold? 

1) Dry eyes

2) Watery eyes

3) Itchy eyes

I am just going to take a wild guess and say all 3.

When you facing discomfort in your eye area do you really want to make it worse by piling on eye makeup and concealer?


Also, mixing gross germs with your makeup… well is pretty gross.

I personally find piling on tons of makeup when you are sick can sometimes makes me look worse.


Do you feel that way too or do my makeup skills just suck?

When your undereye area looks healthy it is a lot easier to go out and feel confident.

Bonus Tip:

Obviously when you aren’t feeling so hot sunglasses are a great way to hide the area.

But here is the issue…

If you have to an office job and you show up wearing huge sunglasses, the employees and clients will probably think you are a little bit nuts. 

Here is what you do…

Wear Glasses!

You can either get fake super hipster glasses… or if you actually have prescription glasses you saved a trip to Hipsters R Us. (Not an actual store)

Unless someone is 2 inches away from your face, glasses can really hide the appearance of “I have wicked cold eyes”.

I do have real glasses and I have used that trick for years!

But What if I Don’t Wear Glasses & There Is Not a Hipsters R Us in My Neighborhood?

The solution is eye cream, my friends.

In particular, the Altchek MD Eye Repair Cream  is unreal.

Even though the one I got is a little small it only took me one application to be like YES!

This is the thickest yet fast absorbing eye cream I have ever used. Some eye creams out there are behind thick, but take an insane amount of time to absorb into the skin.


Having all this “gunk” around the eye area for a while is not the most comfortable thing in the world.

Eye creams that are thick yet still absorb make me VERY happy! 

For those of you lovely and caring readers wondering how I am doing now…

I am fantastic, thank you for asking. My cold is long gone and I do not miss it at all.

But the good news is next time I get sick I have the perfect survival pack of Altchek MD( haha not being dramatic at all).

Again get 25% off Altchek MD using the code BAKER. 

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Disclaimer: Products were sent for PR purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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