Hair Doesn’t Equal Confidence


This is a guest post by Neona of

Around the age of 12 was when I really started to take interest in my appearance.

I wanted to look like the stars I saw on TV and there was pressure on me as I grew up to look a certain way.

I can almost guarantee this was the case for 99.9% of people all around the globe. This is a very real problem in an increasingly tech-driven world.

We are subject to so many influences it can be easy to get caught up within it all.

When I was younger I took pride in my long hair, which a lot of people used to gawk and revel over.


It was longer than the average length for a lot of people of color, and it put me at the center of attention at times.

A shy, timid girl, with glasses and braces I really was the epitome of a typical ‘nerd’ and I felt that my hair was really the only thing that made me stand out.

My mom helped me look after my hair and keep it in the healthy condition. But with the increasing pressure to look ‘pretty’, I decided to do things on my own…resorting to the straighteners and dodging the hair care products.

In a very short time, my once healthy hair was very heat damaged and it wasn’t as long as it used to be.

It wasn’t until much later that I really did realize the damage I’d done and immediately I regretted being so wound up by the hype.

Having straight hair was coveted by so many and I thought in order to look good I had to follow these standards.

I have come to realize I am beautiful no matter what I decide to do with my hair. You should never feel like you have to fit a certain category to feel gorgeous, as you have so much unique beauty!

Now I straighten my hair a lot less often and try to use as many organic products in my hair as I can to make it healthy.

Although I get frustrated with it a lot, I really do love my hair.

I only wish I could tell my younger self that looking after your hair is much more important than trying to follow the ‘norms’. I could have saved myself a lot of hassle…

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