The Ultimate Morning Skincare Routine for Busy Girls


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Mornings can be tough: so much to do and so little time (especially when you hit the snooze button a few times). Waking up late leaves little time for the oh-so-important skincare. But, it’s no supposed to be like that; in fact, it shouldn’t be like that.

Morning skincare is essential for keeping a nice, healthy, and young-looking skin, so it’s necessary to find time for it. Here are a couple of tips on how to plan and maintain your daily skincare routine.


As you already know, removing your makeup every night before bed is a rule to live and abide by. But the cleansing doesn’t end here. You should also wash your face in the morning and wipe away all bacteria or excess makeup.


  • Gently apply an oil-based cleanser and massage your face. Rinse it with lukewarm water and dry it with a clean towel (it’s recommendable to have one just for this purpose).
  • After brushing your teeth, wash the toothbrush and softly scrub your lips with it. It will make them softer and smoother, so a lipstick can apply better.
  • Try DIY exfoliation with a wet towel. This way you’ll remove dead skin cells and enhance the circulation in your face – you’ll wake up instantly. Simply rub it in small circular motions all over your face – on the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin and neck areas.
  • Once in a week, you can try out the Frozen star, Kristen Bell’s tip for a morning routine, and place a hot towel on your face for a minute or two. It’s like a spa treatment, but even better, since it’s free.
  • Splash your face again, but this time with cold water – it will tighten your skin and seal your pores and prevent the clogging of dirt.


After you’ve properly cleansed your skin, it is time to prep it and protects it from all the daily harm factors:

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  • Use an alcohol-free toner to tone your skin and prevent or reduce oil production (this is especially important if you have problematic skin). Apply it onto a cotton pad and gently swipe it over your face and neck.
  • Face serums are highly important for a glowing and healthy skin. Before applying it on your face, warm it up between your hands and then gently put it on your cheeks, forehead and neck, but don’t rub it to ensure its maximum benefit. Depending on a type of serum, you’ll probably have to wait a couple of minutes while it absorbs into your skin (just enough to pick your outfit for the day).
  • Applying a light moisturizing cream all over your face and neck is essential for great skin. It will protect your face from drying and make it elastic and smooth.
  • If your moisturizer does not have SPF, apply it separately (at least SPF 15), not only onto your face but to all body parts which will be exposed to the sun. This is very important since sun damage can cause wrinkles, sunspots, and illness.

Covering up

All these steps are necessary to maintain great looking skin, but if you feel tired or in a bad mood, you could probably do with some help from quality makeup products.

If you’re not going for a full-coverage, full-on makeup look, a good concealer, mascara and a good cheek tint should give you a fresh and natural look.

If you’re looking for a quicker option, consider using the multi-taskers, like all-in-one eye shadow and lipstick pen or mascara and liner combined together.


Glowing and nice skin isn’t just a result of the proper skincare. It is also a product of a healthy lifestyle and good habits. So find some time for regular morning exercise – it will enhance your circulation and reduce stress.

Hydration is also very important, so don’t forget to drink at least two glasses of water each morning.

All this may seem a little bit too much to fit in your busy and demanding mornings, but not for long once you have your routine, it will become easy and natural.

Just keep your mind on the goal and the long-term benefits and you’re bound to get good results.

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