Skincare Products Worth The Cash


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There are thousands upon thousands of skin care products!

Let’s face it there must be millions actually.

I know I’ve wasted a ton of cash over the years being sucked in by slick advertising for products in fancy packaging.

So how are you supposed to know where you can save money and which products are actually worth paying that bit more for?

You can read blogs and go on YouTube for reviews…

but ultimately until you try products yourself, you really don’t know whether a product is going to deliver.

In my experience, there are certain categories of skincare which are worth investing in.

Here are a few suggestions of what is and isn’t worth digging a little deeper in your pockets for:


Ultimately there is only so much a cleanser can do.

You wash it straight off your face so your skin doesn’t really absorb it.


All you need is something to take your make up off effectively and there are tons of great budget options.

Simple and Garnier are two of my favorite brands!

A posh toner is not likely to give you the skin of your dreams – although it’s probably going to smell nicer!

I tend to splurge on a slightly more expensive one to use as a treat in the evenings because I find aromatherapy products soothing, but is it actually going to do anything more for your skin?

Probably not!

Moisturizers, on the other hand, are going to sink into your skin and hopefully work some magic!

They also prepare the canvas for your makeup…so this is certainly one of the most important products to invest in.

TIP – don’t ignore your neck!

Along with your eyes, this is one of the first places to show aging in the future.

A decent eye cream is worth its money to prevent fine lines! I’m not saying you need to buy the most expensive one.

But the ingredients do count so finding something with the latest anti-ageing technology which you can afford is a good idea.

Tip – use it in the morning only, as applying eye cream before bed and then lying flat can cause puffiness.


Can you see the anti-ageing theme here?

Protect the skin on your face!

The sub is the biggest cause of aging and even on a cloudy day, your skin gets affected by UVA/UVB rays.

Clarins do a fantastic facial sunscreen which doesn’t leave you looking like a grease ball, plus it works really well with foundation.

I spend several months of the year away from the gloom of the UK, it took me ages to find the right product. 


I know they are still the latest thing but truly, unless you’re in your 40s or have very dry skin, save your money – you really don’t need one as long as you have a decent basic skincare routine.


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