Get Yourself a Trusty Skincare Regime


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When I first started floating about in the beauty world having no clue what to do, I read lots of tips online for beauty beginners. 

Reading these online tips made me fall in love with everything beauty, hence why I blog! 

I thought I’d share some tips that really helped me up my game as a beauty beginner.

Get Yourself a Trusty Skincare Regime

In the past, I never had one… I would just slap any old moisturiser on and hope for the best.

I didn’t really look into it or search around for my skin type.

I never knew what serums did, or what a toner was until I started researching and jumping right into the amazing beauty-sphere.


Get yourself some skincare and learn how to use them!

Don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be expensive!

The Body Shop, Simple, Lizearle and Superdrug’s own brand do pretty affordable skincare bits that are easy to understand, helpful and clearly tell you what’s what.



Also, your regime doesn’t have to be jam packed! Simply a cleanser, face mask, and a moisturiser will work wonders for beauty beginners! 

Simply using the right products and having the same range of products will ease your skin.

Don’t overload your skin with all different products as it will just cause more problems… I’ve been there! 

If you want an easy read on skincare, I have plenty on my blog: click herehere and here. 

Remember Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to building a makeup collection it can feel really overwhelming as so many beauty bloggers and YouTubers have to-die-for collections in their snazzy draws.

Use them for inspiration for new products to try but don’t buy an endless amount of products that you probably won’t even use or like.

Building a makeup collection takes time.

Years even…so remember that people who have thousands of makeup draws  are lucky but it takes them time.

”Don’t compare someone else’s chapter 30 to your chapter 3” 

It’s true!

Instead, get products you love and actually want!

Get Your Foundation Colour Matched

This is a phase all teenagers likely go through.

  1. You walk into your favourite beauty store looking for a foundation…
  2. You try to find the right colour but don’t really know how to test it or match it…
  3. And you buy it anyway!
  4. Then out you come with a foundation that doesn’t suit your skin tone at all! 

We’ve all been there.

My advice to get yourself out this situation is…

  1. Ask a staff member if they can recommend a shade that looks like a good match.
  2. Go online and learn how to colour match (back of the hand, neck or cheek). 
  3. Visit stores that apply the foundation onto your face properly. It’s super helpful especially if the foundation is expensive. 
  4. If you can’t decide on a few shades go with a lighter one so you can mix it with darkening drops. Body Shop ones are popular, click  here to have a read. Better to go light than too dark as you can build it up with other foundations.

Don’t Bit Your Nails

Okay, this may be a weird one but I’m telling ya, don’t do it!

I had a really bad habit of biting my nails throughout secondary school. That habit made me lose the shape to my nails, and now they take forever to grow and look kind of stumpy.

Not cute!

I wear fake nails most of the time. This allows them to grow and look nice, however, it is expensive to keep up. 


So those were my tips that have really helped me growing up! I hope these helped you guys! Thanks for reading. 

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