Top Tips for Introducing Your Daughter to Skin Care



This is a guest post by Vijay Diwakar, the founder of MyBeautyGym

If you’ve recently had a daughter, more than likely, she is going to grow up to want to be just like you. She will love to play with your makeup, and she will want to wear your dresses and high heels around the house whenever you will let her.

Sometimes, maybe you will even have a “girls’ spa day” together, and you will pamper each other by painting each others’ nails and giving each other facials.

As your daughter gets older, she may want to become a bit more independent by developing her own sense of style and choosing her own makeup and skincare products.

However, if your family has a history of melanoma or has had melanoma scars, it’s never too early to discuss the importance of a proper skincare regimen that will help to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and protect her skin.

With all the beach and camping trips she’ll be going on with her friends as she gets older and goes off to college, you’ll want to make sure you’ve taught her how to properly take care of her skin.


Here are some tips for you to help your daughter understand the importance of healthy skin.

Begin As Early As Possible

Something as simple as, “don’t forget the importance of sunscreen,” can be a great thing to instill even as early as her toddler years. As she gets older, you can purchase lotions and moisturizers to begin teaching her how to apply the products herself. Make it an everyday habit that she cannot imagine living without. As a teen, she’ll no longer need you to help out as much as she will naturally integrate keeping her face well taken care of as a part of her daily makeup routine.

Instill A Skincare Treatment That She Can Follow

Allow her to choose a face cream that she actually likes. Go online together to research quality products and to see various types that are available to choose from. She can try different scents, treatment sessions, and packages, and she can work to find what she is going prefer using every day.

Indulge A Little

Even as she gets older, try to make a girls’ day out spa experience a tradition. Once a month, enjoy the sea salt baths, mud treatments, and a mani/pedi. It’s one of the best ways to spend time with your daughter while still taking care of your skin.
Author Bio: Vijay Diwakar is the founder of MyBeautyGym. His blog provides information on Weight Loss, Living a Healthy Life, Beauty Tips, Building Muscles and Fashion Trends and much more! Follow his blog on Twitter and Facebook.