Six Tips For My 16 Year Old Self

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If I could go back in time and give some serious advice to myself when I was a teenager, the majority of it would be beauty and style based (also that guy is not nice, don’t date him).

But as the time machine has yet to be perfected, I’ll settle for letting everyone else know what you shouldn’t do.  

Tip #1 Your Eyebrows Are Important. Leave Them Alone!

Go and buy Gimme Brow right now because I’m 24 now and I needed this long before now. Click the link for a long ramble about how it’s going to change your life.

Read Here



Tip #2 Do Not Cut Your Hair Into a Bob Again Unless You’re Committed to The Straighteners

Bethany, your hair is fluffy and unruly, and your fringe flicks out giving you vaguely TV-aerial look. Just use the GHDs, please.

Just use the GHDs, please.


Tip # 3 Pink Is Not, & Never Will Be Your Colour

Black you can learn to work with, but step away from the pale pink t-shirts.  Your actual skin is pale pink so just learn to work with it instead of copying the popular tanned girls.

Tip #4 Speaking of Tanning, Put Down The Fake Tan

You won’t use it for long, but having legs a completely different shade to the rest of you isn’t a great look.  Screw the haters; pale and interesting is the way for you.

Tip #5 Keep an Open Mind

Right now you think you don’t like wearing lipstick because you’ve only ever tried really cheap glosses.  You will learn to embrace a bold lip, so try some of these to get started Favourite Lip Products


Tip # 6 Sunburn Is Horrible

At sixteen you tell people that you wear sun cream every day but we both know that you don’t because your foundation doesn’t sit well on top of it.  Save me some work please and try some of these so we don’t have to pile on the anti-aging creams by the time we’re thirty. How I Avoid Sum Damage


Just follow those tips, and hopefully you won’t look like such an idiot for the rest of your school life.

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