I Tried 4 Neostrata Cleansers: Here Is What Happened


Having 4 cleansers may not exactly be a necessity, but oh is it fun!

It blows my mind how much variety we have when it comes to our skincare products.

7 Years Ago 

When I started buying skincare products about 7 years ago or so we did not have all these options!

I Have a Serious Question 

Don’t lie because I will be able to tell. 

How many times have you asked a friend or sales associate “what is the best cleanser?”

Notice how I did not ask if you have ever asked that question because I know you have!

I used to be guilty of asking that all the time.

But Not Anymore!

The best cleanser for me likely won’t be the best for you unless we are long lost identical twins. 

Brands don’t just create 30 different formulations of cleaners so they can set a world record!

They do it in order to provide the majority of people a product best suited for their skin and lifestyle.

NeoStrata clearly knows this because they recently launched 4 new cleansers!

With 4 options to choose from you have a very good chance of finding the best cleanser for you.

Check out my skin

Check out my skin

Let’s Get Into The Cleansers








If you like products that exfoliate but aren’t too intense, this product is for you!

It isn’t a traditional exfoliator in the sense that it contains those little beads.

The Glycolic Acid does the exfoliating for you.

Side Note

When you do use exfoliators with little beads do you ever feel like you have beads on your face all day no matter how much you rinse or is it just me???


The website says that this cleanser is great for those who suffer from blackheads.


Would you rather suffer from blackheads or acne?

I know not the most fun game of would you rather but I am curious.

I feel acne is more difficult to cover up, but at the same time for me, it seems acne is easier to treat than blackheads.


The Packaging

Oh, and the best part is the package is huge!!! It is 200 mL. This is going to last forever.!!


Why is it that foaming products just makes the whole process ten times more exciting?

It isn’t that they make your face any cleaner than traditional cleansing, just the fact that it foams is fun.



This may just be me but I find myself needing less product when I use something that foams. The foam really tricks your mind into thinking you are getting a better clean.

Mind games!!

I find myself reaching for this cleanser most often out of the 4.

If you are the kind of person who finds cleansing a “chore” using a fun product like this will definitely make it more pleasant.


If I didn’t see this product in person I may not believe it exists.

Okay, that may be a little overdramatic…

I will rephrase it to “If I didn’t see this product in person I may not believe how epic it is.”


You look at it and it looks like a normal gel style cleanser.

But that is where you are wrong!

It is a Micellar Gel!

Please take a moment to pause and admire that invention.

Now I will say I do love micellar waters.

The Only Thing

I don’t love is how I almost always end up spilling half the water on the floor or myself by accident when pouring it onto the cotton pad.

This guy solves that problem.

  • First of all, you pump it – genius
  • Second, of all, it is a gel, not a pump
  • Final result… No spills yay

Bravo Neostrata bravo!


Now this is a non – rinse cleanser which is not the same formula as a micellar water, but as the title says there is no rinsing needed.

The Best Part 

My favorite benefit of non – rinse cleansers is you can literally clean your face wherever you are! This would be the perfect product to keep in your locker for skin emergencies after gym.


Or even if you are working you can keep this in your desk or car in case of a skin emergency.

It Can Be Used For Face & Eyes

If you are traveling this product eliminates the need to pack a cleanser and makeup remover.

Your Turn

Be honest, I know you definitely have to own at least one of these cleansers. 

Leave me a comment and let me know which cleanser you like the most.

Disclaimer: Products were sent for free for PR purposes. All opinions are my own.