2 Beauty Products Every Teen Should Own


When I started wearing makeup I thought I looked pretty good but looking back now…

Not so much. 

Sure no young teen gets makeup the first time …but was I bad.

It wasn’t even so much that my techniques were awful because they really weren’t.

Just for my age, and the occasions, it was way too much.

My Skin Wasn’t All That Bad

Yet I applied foundation like my life depended on it.


And The Eyes

  1. I applied super intense shadows
  2. My nonwaterproof mascara smudged
  3. My eyeliner did not stay put because I didn’t set it.

If I could go back in time and use higher quality more appropriate products I could have prevented many regrettable makeup days!

Unfortunately going back in time does not exist yet 🙁

Here Is My Gift To You

I am going to help by providing you with the only 2 products you need to feel and look gorgeous… but still natural.

I wrote a post recently sharing the products shared and more from the 2 brands. Read Here

The Must Have Products 
1) Anti – Aging Facial Oil


2) MOODmatcher Lipstick In Black


Pretty easy right!

By Using These Products You Will…

  1. Have dewy, healthy, luminous and even skin. 
  2. Achieve the perfect lip color for your skin tone that lasts all day

You know what the best part is?

You can literally do this look in the car in minutes!

The Problem

Getting ready is pretty tough for everyone, but for teenagers…

It is just insane.

You teenage readers understand.

It is very unlikely a morning before school doesn’t consist of at least 1 of the following: 

  1. Being utterly exhausted
  2. Stressing about tests
  3. Fighting with a friend
  4. Cramps!

When so much is going on, the last thing you want to do is stress over applying tons of makeup.

That doesn’t mean you don’t want to look and feel awesome.

You can look just as awesome if not more with little to no makeup.

The Anti – Aging Facial Oil and MOODmatcher Lipstick In Black just make your routine so simple. 

Anti – Aging Facial Oil 


I don’t know about you, but the reason I used to pack on the foundation was because I wanted incredible skin. 

Listen to this, incredible skin and acne free skin are not the same thing. 

For me, incredible skin means having skin that isn’t literally flaking and insanely red from being so dry!

It gets so dry sometimes that moisturizer just makes it worse.

Flakey skin isn’t the most attractive thing in the world. Not only can you not cover it up, but it can hurt!

If your skin is dry too and moisturizers just don’t cut it, this is where face oils save the day! 

The light texture is perfect because it doesn’t irritate flakey skin, but the rich ingredients nourish the skin!

MOODmatcher Lipstick In Black 


I don’t buy lip products for my cup, I buy them for me!

Clever joke right.

I get it, some products will smudge a little when you eat and drink. It is just something you need to deal with.

My Tip

Drink out of glasses that are the same color as your lip product! 

But all kidding aside… getting lip products on my cup drives me nuts.

This lip product does not transfer on your cup at all!!

Water… Juice… Coffee… It does not budge

I did get to try several lip products from MOODmatcher and they are all the same formula but each color translates a little different.

The black lipstick shows up a gorgeous maroon color on me. It can even be sheered out which again I love!

Guess What

MOODmatcher is giving you 25% off your entire shopping cart using the code “BAKER”

Retinol Treatment is giving you 25% off your entire shopping cart using the code “BAKER25”

Both codes are valid until October 1, 2016.

Let Me Know

  • What product is your favorite
  • Does lipstick on cups drive you insane too?
  • Did you use any of the coupon codes?

Disclaimer: Products were sent free for PR purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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