My Top Beauty Tips


This is a guest post by Kay from Meraki Army

Here are my top beauty tips I have learned and want to share with you! 


Skincare is so important!

Removing your makeup and moisturizing every day makes a world of a difference. Plus having good skin makes applying makeup so much easier! 

If you are having problems with sports use T-tree oil, it works like a charm. And using charcoal activated face wash clears blackheads just like that.


I’ve been to makeup counters so many times and see people trying to find their shade in the foundation by testing it on the back of their hand.

You should always test the foundation on your neck because that is what you are matching your face too!

Having the perfect shade of foundation makes your overall makeup look ten times better.


Curl Your Lashes

This may be the best tip I have learned so far. Curling your lashes before mascara makes your eyes look  much longer and voluminous.


I can’t stress this tip enough.


Or at least by someone who knows what they are doing .

Eyebrows frame your face and are the first thing people notice! 

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