10 Years Later… Enjoy Life & Always Smile


This is a guest post by Emily of www.emilinalove.com

Hello, 16-year-old Emily. I’m 26 years old Emily, and there’re a few things I would like you to know…

So, you’re stressed out because you hate your dad because he cheated on your mom.

26-year-old Emily wants you to know that he is human and all is not always what it seems.

You bought him a ‘No.1 Daddy’ mug last year and he had a tear (he really did!).

He loves you very much, you know that deep down.

You also spend way too much time thinking and worrying about what people think of you, particularly boys.

You will meet a boy next year called Dan. You actually end up with him for 8 years. Believe me, you spend a few years after that worrying if he will leave you and that’s when you discover your self-confidence and how low it actually is.

Admittedly it becomes easier with age but at 26, it’s still an issue.

Sorry about that.

And Your Friends?

You don’t speak to any of them anymore you make a few new gems!

So don’t worry too much about impressing ****** and bending over backward for her.

She doesn’t like you very much. Oh, and 16-year-old Emily… Please don’t consider vanity as a life or death aspect of your life.

In a few years, you will bleach your hair and it will break off because you want to look like one of the Olsen’s.

Definitely, consider a salon or better yet leave your hair alone. Your natural hair really suits you!

Another thing, you go to Australia for a year and you miss your mom every day. Every single day you wish you didn’t take time with her for granted.

Be kind to her every day!

That One Is Important

Oh, and leave your eyebrows for goodness sakes!

You’re 16 and they look as sharp as a knife.. and that isn’t a good thing.

They are pointy and weird and you will regret every picture that you eventually look back on also tell 20-year-old Emily to start moisturizing ASAP.

To Conclude

  1. Leave your hair and eyebrows alone!
  2. Your family is everything to you, through the good and the bad.
  3. Don’t worry about boys, a nice one is out there for you, he just doesn’t know it.

One Last Thing

  1. If I could be you again and know how quick life flies by…
  2. I wouldn’t sleep in on weekends
  3. I wouldn’t skip a meal (making the most of my faster metabolism)
  4. I would make the most of every frigging minute!

You aren’t promised tomorrow and people will come and go, try not to be dependent on people or have high expectations; you’ll only end up disappointed.

Enjoy life, always smile and be kind and tell ****** to kindly do one sooner rather than later!