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Hardly anybody is born with perfectly flawless skin, and aging makes matters worse for everybody and their skin. Of all the cosmetics and colors you wear every day, eye makeup is probably the most difficult to handle.  No wonder why it takes everyone so much time to get their eyes done.

Of all the cosmetics and colors you wear every day, eye makeup is probably the most difficult to handle.  No wonder why it takes everyone so much time to get their eyes done.

Here are 9 eye makeup tips you should be doing to get your eye makeup right every time:


Tip No. 1:  Treat Skin Around Your Eyes

Before starting to put on your eye makeup, plump up your delicate eye skin using an eye cream like Neocutis. These eye products do not just moisturize the skin but also support skin lightening, including improving eye puffiness and the appearance of under eye dark circles. You cannot possibly have a complete beauty routine without treating your skin first.


Tip No. 2:  Always Prep Your Eyes Before Putting On Your Eye Colors

Line your eyelids with concealer then spread it out.  Use a concealer brush for better coverage and to cover hard to reach areas. This added step helps keep your makeup from slipping, most especially if you have excessively oily skin.


Tip No. 3:  Start By Putting on White Powder Always

White powder helps bring out the true shade of the eye colors that you will be using.  It also helps keep the colors in place.


Tip No. 4:  Decide On What Colors To Blend First

Are you in the mood to color block or gradient? Or, will it be an eyeliner only day?  Decide on what you want to do with your eyes and not figure it out while you’re already at it. Eye makeup isn’t very easy to take off and put on again, unlike your lipsticks.


Tip No. 5:  Apply Your Lighter Eye Colors First Then Gradually Move To The Darker Ones

Always work in your colors from lightest to darkest.  If you’re blending and buffing, it helps to deposit the darker colors on the outer corner of your eye first. Then, with your eye powder brush, work it in from your eye fold and all the way down to your waterline.


Tip No. 6:  You Don’t Always Have To Line Your Waterlines From Inner To Outer Ends

Some eye makeup looks simply line from outer ends to the middle of the eye, most especially for darker eyeliner colors, particularly black, ash and dark browns.


Tip No. 7:  Use Scotch Tape To Get Your Wings Straight

Take a piece of scotch tape.  Stick it to the back of your hand then take it off.  This gets some of the adhesive off. Then, put the tape to point upwards from the corner of your eyes and upwards to your eyebrows.

Use your natural, bottom eye line as a guide in lining the scotch tape.  Then, take your eyeliner.  Draw a small triangle on the corner then slowly bring in the color. Again, you may choose to color only up to the midpoint of your eyes. Take off the scotch tape and voila!  You have straight wings. Do the same for the other eye.


Tip No. 8:  It Is Always Best To Get Yourself Eyelash Extensions

Cut back on productive minutes from your prep time by wearing eyelash extensions.  This will free you from curling your eyelashes, applying mascara and dealing with stiff eyelashes all day.


Tip No. 9:  Always Clean Your Eye Area Of Makeup Before Going To Bed

Eye cosmetics are among the toughest makeup to remove, most especially if you’re using long wear and waterproof varieties. Rid your eyes with makeup, first, by swiping a cotton ball wet with oil-based makeup remover across your face.

Next, follow through by cleansing your skin with lukewarm water and a soap-free facial cleanser. Tone then treat with a product like La Mer Eye Cream and Neocutis. Products such as this support skin lightening even for under eye dark circles. Make these a regular part of your beauty regimen.



Following these eye makeup tips do not simply help you get it right, these also save you a lot of prep time you could be using to do something else.


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