Beyonce Inspired Makeup Tutorial- Featuring Love Light Lips

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This post is sponsored by Love Light Lips

You Guys Are Very Lucky

By visiting the blog you not only get access to a pretty amazing Beyonce inspired makeup tutorial…

but you also get access to an in-depth article about the glosses used in the video.

Here’s The Deal

When you have been wearing and collecting makeup for years and years it can sometimes get tough to get excited about products. 

Now I am not saying I don’t get excited about makeup ; it just isn’t as exciting as I used to be when I was a young teenager.

I am feeling a creative introduction today, so I hope you enjoy my humour. 

“ What do Love Light Lips glosses and iPhones have in common?”

Give Up??

“They both light up, have mirrors and are extremely addictive!”

Haha clever right.

Cool Features

Love Light Lips glosses light up by pressing the button on the cap and there is a mirror on the side. 

You can discretely stare at yourself and admire your makeup and the world will just think you’re looking at your gloss, but little do they know…

Some Epic Proof 

Don’t believe me on how awesome these lip products are…

What if I told you Queen B “Beyonce” posted an Instagram photo of Blue Ivy with a bunch of makeup, and a Love Light Lips gloss was in the photo!

See Here: Instagram Photo

Now Let Us Get Into The Shades

P.s each individual gloss retails for $22, or you can buy the entire set of 5 for $99.


This shade is sort of like a matte and a shimmer gloss had a baby, and it inherited an equal amount of characteristics from each parent.


You know those days when you are not too sure if you want to go matte or shimmery, so you basically have to mix a bunch of shades together to get the right colour? 

This baby eliminates all that hassle. I would not change a thing about this shade. 


I have got to say this may have been the one that caught my attention first. At first glance I thought it would be very bright and wasn’t too sure how I would wear it.


But I worried for nothing! Once applied to the lips it is fairly sheer but still provides a stunning color.


This shade reminds me exactly of a delicious strawberry smoothie.



What I love most about this shade is how absolutely perfect it is for day or night. This can be worn in the day with BB cream and a little mascara, or it can be used to balance out an intense smokey eye.


Bliss is the ultimate shade for the nude gloss fanatic.

If you told me to picture my dream nude gloss, this gloss would be the one hands down.


When you wear this shade you truly will understand the “your lips but better expression”.


Is this gloss Kylie inspired or what???


I have never actually seen any of Kylie’s glosses in person but from photos and YouTube videos this shade reminds me a lot of Candy K by Kylie Cosmetics. 

I generally don’t go towards brown lipglosses, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked it.

As you can see it is a matte finish but the actual texture you feel on your lips is incredibly smooth.

If you want to recreate a Kylie makeup look or just want to look and feel downright awesome, Grace is for you.

Final Thoughts

With so many lipglosses on the market, it isn’t always so easy to find ones that just blow you away.

I really am impressed with how creative the Love Light Lips team is.

The glosses catch your eye do to the fact that they light up and have a mirror…

But they keep you hooked with the high-quality formulation and the stunning shades.

I want to hear from you. Leave a comment bellow sharing your favorite shade!

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This post is sponsored by Love Light Lips