Always Be True To Yourself

Purple Hair (1)

This is a guest post written by Jessica from

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My top tip to my younger self, as cliché, as it sounds is to always be true to yourself.

I remember back at school I would love experimenting with my look and my hair.

Often I would dye my hair different colors and would always get bullied for it – fast forward to the present day and now everyone is dying their hair crazy colors.

Purple Hair (1)

Including myself!

I often get comments like “I wish I had the guts to do that!”

Well, do it!

I can honestly say I feel much more confident in myself when I am true to what I like whether it be blue, purple or pink.

Read how I dye my hair and what products I use: Read Here

My second tip ties in perfectly – always look after your hair!


Whether it is using hair masks once a week, sticking to natural products or simply going to the hairdresser instead of risking dying your hair yourself at home.

Trust me I have had some scary hair disasters! My hair broke off quite considerably forcing me not to dye my hair for at least a year but thankfully after a lot of love and care it grew back!

Coconut oil is the perfect, natural product that helps my hair, see a post on it:  Read Here

Coconut Oil

I use it at least once a week as an overnight mask or daily on the ends of my hair after styling – it really gives my hair the help it needs after bleaching.

“As long as you are being true to yourself you will always find happiness”

Jessica from