Put Down The Eyeliner & Pick up a Hairbrush!


Hi, guys! I’m Imogen from Penchants and Prejudice and I’m so glad Jaclyn asked me to be a part of this series because I’ve definitely made plenty of beauty-related mistakes!

With only being 19 at the moment, I wanted to give a tip to my 13 – year old self instead. 

I got so many things wrong when I started secondary school!

Especially as I had easy access to my mum’s makeup bag and had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Of course, I made the usual mistakes and I’d tell myself so many things such as…

“bleaching your hair at home will never go right. It will be orange, and you will look horrendous.”


“DO NOT, under any circumstance, allow your mum to pluck your eyebrows!”.

But when I think back to my 13-year-old self there’s one image that stands out and there’s one thing I’d definitely like to say…

“Put down the eyeliner and pick up a hairbrush!”

One thing my mum had lots of in her bag was cheap, black, liquid eyeliner that crumbled whenever you blinked – and for some reason I loved it. 

I couldn’t get enough of it and although it did help me perfect the cat eye flick, it really didn’t look good, especially in contrast with my whiter than white complexion.

Quite frankly, I’m annoyed that nobody ever told me how bad it looked.

As if the eyeliner wasn’t bad enough…

For some reason, I wasn’t a massive fan of brushing my hair and trust me you could tell.

It was very tangled!

So bad that I had to chop all of my hair off at the age of 14 because it was so damaged and untamed. I could’ve saved myself from the dreaded chop if I’d only maintained it. 

It’ll take 2 minutes to brush your hair, but a few years for your hair to grow back after having the chop!


Just a quick thank you to Jaclyn for having me! Such a great series that I’m excited to be a part of! I’m over at Penchants and Prejudice where I post reviews, hauls and tips 3 days a week. Or you can find me on Twitter where I post daily!