A Complete Guide To a Productive Day – The Beginners Guide


How come all the advice I have received on productivity is so intense? 

It seems all the advice I hear involves waking up at 5:30 AM to meditate, writing intensely to do lists and journaling.

Now I am not saying any of those things are wrong.

In fact, those methods are great!

For a newbie, it can seem pretty intense. Changing any habit really is a process and doesn’t just happen. 


Be Honest


if you went from waking up at say 9 AM to 5:30 PM out of nowhere your productivity levels would be way down due to being totally exhausted! 


Here Is A Secret


I sleep in, I write to-do lists on my notes app, and I still get things done.

I am going to teach you a complete guide to having a productive day that is beginner friendly.


Tip 1: Get At Least 8.5 Hours Of Sleep


What option seems better?

Going to bed at midnight and waking up at 8:30 AM, or going to bed at 8 PM and waking up at 4:30 AM?

Trick question! Depending on your lifestyle both situations are just fine.


Listen To Your Body


Everyone has their own body clock and way of living. I can’t tell you exactly what time you should be going to bed or waking up.

A parent is likely going to have a different preference than say a college student.

As long as you are getting at least 8.5 hours that is all that matters.


What Happens When You Don’t Sleep


When I don’t have a good sleep my brain literally feels like glue the next day! The quality of your sleep really has a huge impact on your productivity levels the next day.

Sure, I don’t make money when I sleep, but I definitely improve my productivity when I sleep.


Tip 2: T.V Is Not The Devil


Just because you are working 10 hours a day does not mean you will get 10 hours worth of work done. Your brain can only do so much!

Without proper breaks, you are going to be tired, sluggish and not very productive.


Smart Breaks


Smart people take smart breaks!

The amount of breaks you take is up to you. The only 2 rules you should follow are…

1) Shut down your work email!

2) Have an awesome snack!

Unless it is an actual emergency you have got to try and shut down your email for at least half of your break.

If you really need something to keep you occupied and relaxed other than reading, don’t feel guilty about watching a good T.V show.


Tip 3: Write It Down Anywhere


You don’t necessarily need an epic planner to plan. I know that sounds strange but its true.

Even jotting down your to-do list on a sticky note is perfectly fine! I do that all the time.

There is something that feels so good about writing down all your tasks on a sticky note, checking them off, and then recycling the list at the end of the day.

Sticky notes are the perfect starter if you don’t feel ready for a huge planner.


It’s Time To Share The Love


Share your favorite productivity hack? Are you a beginner or a pro?

Let me know!