Secrets Of Those With Healthy Hair


I recently got sent a few haircare products from both Shu Uemura and Kerastase

Not going to lie, I was pretty pumped. 

I mean it isn’t every day you get to try a bunch of incredible high-quality products… unless you are like a Kardashian or something.

Unfortunately, I am not. 

Since I have been using these products my hair has never looked better.

Don’t believe me??

Check Out These Pics

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See! So amazing right?

What kind of online friend would I be if I didn’t share my hair secrets with you, though?

( Not a very good one). 

Let’s Talk About Heat

Sure every girl loves blow drying…but you have got to protect your hair against the heat.

Blow drying your hair a few times a month won’t kill it, but you would be surprised how frequent heat styling damage can add up.

Can someone please just invent a blow dryer that is healthy for your hair!

Well until that happens don’t you worry because we have heat protectants and blow dry creams!

I Recommend…

 Wonder Worker from Shu Uemura 



Ciment Thermique from Kerastase



By preventing damage from happening in the first place you will not have to worry about treating it later.

Now that you have the secrets to healthy hair, you are ready to move onto discovering A Haircare Routine You Can Be Proud Of. 

A Haircare Routine You Can Be Proud Of

Disclaimer: Products were sent for PR purposes. All opinions are my own.