DIY Shabby Chic Ideas That Will Never Become Old-Fashioned

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This is a guest post by Sophia Smith

There are things that will simply never go out of style: little black dress, a string of pearls, bright red lipstick, family photos in pretty frames, and living rooms full of natural light.

While people tend to throw away things which seem battered, old, and broken, there are those who claim that these battered marks are what gives the true beauty to things.

There is a whole movement in interior design called ‘shabby chic’ where people choose things based on their apparent old age and shabbiness.

Shabby Style on Your Living Room Walls

If you are looking for an innovative solution for your books and trinkets, but would not like to use plain shelves, you can easily turn old ladders or and even an old door into great looking and convenient shelves.

Simply place boards onto ladders and secure them with nails or glue, paint them and place your new shelf in the corner of the room. It will draw the attention of every person that steps inside.

    Shabby Style on Your Living Room Walls Collage

You can also use turn your old windows into beautiful wall decoration or even use them to exhibit some of your old photos in a fresh new way.

Antique Kitchen

Get your hands on an old, battered, tin teapot, and use it as a vase for fresh flowers which you will keep on your kitchen window.

Right next to it on the wall, you can place old cutting boards on which you have written a witty or inspirational quote which will remind you just how much you love cooking.

Antique Kitchen Collage

You can even incorporate some of that industrial design as well and turn your old graters and funnels into lamps.

These lamps will cast interesting light patterns around and brighten up your kitchen, making it look like an adorable old farmhouse, and you will love spending time here.

Rustic Wedding

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, and you should make sure you and all of your guests remember it for all the good things.

If you like the idea of incorporating rustic elements, you should know that the best wedding venues for that are the spacious ones which will allow you to add plenty of small details.

Rustic Wedding Collage

Use a bunch of old photo frames painted in white for table numbers, decorate tables with mason jars full of flowers, shabby chairs will shine when decorated with lace ribbons, and a simple small chalkboard with words of love will make everyone smile.

Have heart-shaped wedding confetti made of old newspapers, and tie lace ribbons around candles; romantic details will make space look more beautiful.

Vintage Bedroom Details

You don’t have to redecorate the house in order to have that vintage air present, several well-placed details will give the right impression too.

Make yourself a beautiful jewelry organizer out of old mirror or painting frame and several strips of lace or even something as simple as chicken wire. Paint it white or gold, depending on the rest of your room and put it on.

Old rhinestone necklaces make perfect curtain ties, and gentle paper flowers placed on your bedroom mirror will make it look like a set from an old romantic musical.

Vintage Bedroom Details Collage

Being unconventional may not seem appealing to everyone, there are those who love keeping things straight and following trends.

Do not hesitate to try something new if you like it, no matter if it is fashionable or not. Being true to yourself is what matters most.

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