The Speedy Skincare Technique

The Speedy Skincare Technique

On a normal day, it normally takes me about ten minutes to do a simple no-fuss hair and makeup.


It is the step before makeup and hair that takes up most of the time.

Can you guess the step?

If you guessed skincare, you are correct.

By the time I am finished cleansing, toning and exfoliating, approximately 20 minutes have passed.

This is absurd and should not be happening.

I am a fan of getting things done, and getting things done fast. I don’t have time to be a perfectionist…I’m busy!!

Skincare was basically taking up all of my time.

So I made up a little technique which I named because when it becomes famous it obviously has to have a trademarked name, Instagram, website, and hashtag.

Listen up…it is called…

The Speedy Skincare Technique

Here is a list of step by step instructions on how to do The Speedy Skincare Technique


There you have it, you made your very own 3 in 1 skincare product.


Before you think “well they do sell 3 in 1 products, why is this technique any different?”

Yes, 3 in 1 products are a fantastic option if you prefer using heavy duty products regularly.

The Speedy Skincare Technique is ideal for those who enjoy keeping their skincare simple and only use extra products occasionally. This way you can maintain your simple daily skin care, and when you want to add more steps you can do that too.

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