What To Do When No Products Work For You


I spend a lot of time on forums. I mean who doesn’t? 

It is so crazy how many posts I find that say the exact same thing…

“Help I can’t find any products that work for me!”

It may sound silly to say finding good products can take years but it does.

Out of my 7 years of wearing makeup, I only found a handful of products that really work for me a couple years ago. 

Trying tons of products can be expensive, time-consuming, and overall just annoying.

Who wants to go buy a bunch of products and have only a few of them work? I can tell you, not me. 

You are about to learn how to make beauty product shopping just a little easier. 

Try Try Again

What is pretty cool about makeup and skincare is most brands redo/update formulas. Who knows, that one little update can turn a so-so product into a winning product. 

Say you tried a product a few years ago and it didn’t work out so well. That is no reason to give up.

  • Your skin type may have changed.
  • Your preference may have changed.
  • And the formula may have changed.

I have used the original Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream and love it. They are launching a new formula April 15, 2015. 


If you ask me the products have a similar feel however the new version is a little thinner in consistency.

Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream features an improved formula to pamper your skin, while at the same time, conjuring up a touch of summer for your face during those dark months. This popular product’s new formula does a better job fulfilling our desire for rich moisturized and subtle bronze skin. Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream will be relaunched April 15th, 2016.”

Do Better Research

Shopping for makeup seriously is so personal.

Buying the exact same products as your favorite celebrities or even friends can be tempting. 

Just keep in mind…

Finding products that way isn’t always the best idea.

Before you freak out and say “well how am I supposed to find my inspiration?”

You still can find looks based off of friends or celebrities, just tweak it to fit you!

Using the same brands or even the same products is fine; all you have to do is find colors and textures made for you.

Here’s How To Do It

In order to find the right products go talk to the professionals in person!

Blogs and forums are fantastic resources for generic advice, but most won’t be able to help you with finding a specific routine. 

Go to your local makeup counter and explain to the employee your preference in products.

Now keep in mind there is no guarantee whatever they recommend for you will work. 

But the advice that truly is catered to you is very likely to work.

Now that you have some pretty solid tips, here is your homework.

Next time a product you remember semi liking a while ago comes out with a new formula, don’t be afraid to give it a try (possibly the new Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream launching April 15th, 2016.”)

Go to your local makeup counter with photos of pictures that inspire you, as well as a list of products/ingredients that don’t agree with your skin to avoid any problems.

Best of luck with you makeup shopping!