Lets Get Ready For Spring Together


Let us be real okay.

With new seasons come new purchases.

When seasons change, styles change.

Stores are prepared and are already starting to sell spring products.

It may feel kind of crazy if you are looking out the window and all you can see is snow…

But I kind of like it because it is a reminder it won’t be too long before spring is actually here.

Back to what we said earlier.

When the season’s change, buying new makeup and clothes can be tempting.

I do think buying a bunch of products for the sake of a new season is not necessary; however, if you pick up a few things to get yourself more in the mood, go for it.

Now you may be thinking “ I have no idea what to buy! What do I do?”

Well, I am going to share with you some products from the Dr. Hauschka spring/summer 2016 line to give you some inspiration.

Dr. Hauschka did send me these products for PR purposes. I got to experiment with some new products, and you get to hear my input.

Win-win situation.


In order to keep a clutter free makeup collection every time you get a new product, get rid of an old one that has expired or you don’t use.

I am a strong believer in only buying products that actually work and suit your lifestyle.

I can sit here and share the new collection with you…


I can recommend what type of person would benefit from each product the most…

I think the second option makes the most sense, so let’s get down to it.

Dr. Hauschka Balancing Teint Powder


You will love this if you…

  • Are looking for a powder that is a little different
  • Love a good comeback product (this powder was originally released in 2011)
  • Want to improve your skin’s overall texture
  • Love soft powders

Eye Shadow Trio


You will love this if you…

  • Prefer palettes with fewer options
  • Are all about the neutral life
  • Enjoy small packaging

Kajal Eyeliner 08 Taupe


You will love this if you…

  • Find black eyeliner too harsh and want a nice alternative
  • Love blending applicators on the back of your eyeliner
  • Prefer neutral liners

Rough Powder Due


You will love this if you…

  • Love blushes that contain 2 shades in 1 compact
  • Appreciate nice detailing
  • Love products that come with a small brush

Lipstick Novum 08 Maple Glow


You will love this if you…

  • Can never have enough “your lips but better” shades
  • Enjoy matte finishes
  • Love soft silky lips

Of course, no post is complete without a few selfies showing the products in action.

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I want to hear from you.

Let me know which product you would most like to try!

These are the new Dr. Hauschka spring/summer 2016 collection.

This collection can be found in stores on February 15, 2016.

Disclaimer: products were received for free for PR purposes.