Is NeoStrata Right For Me?


Skincare is a part of the beauty routine that often gets neglected.

It seems so many people put emphasis on creating beautiful makeup looks (which is great!!) however it is not all.

By not maintaining healthy skin, you are setting yourself up for disaster later on.

I never wait until I get a pimple to apply pimple cream!

I apply it every day on the areas of my face I break out the most often in order to prevent.

Me with no makeup!

Me with no makeup!

A common question I get is “Jaclyn, what brands and products are the very best?”

There is no correct answer because everyone’s skin is different, this can be due to allergies, sensitivity or genetics.

Sure it can be easy to just use whatever products our friends are using, but that isn’t always the best option.

When choosing a product or brand , it is important to do your research.

If you’re a beginner analyzing brands can be confusing so I am going to do it for you.

Sometimes brands are known for a certain age, gender or style. NeoStrata does have a huge variety!

There is a section on their website where you can look up your concerns i.e. dryness or dark circles and the website recommends products that will likely work for you.

Check It Out Here

Now quality skincare can be pricey.

If the price is an issue for you, skip the regular products and opt for the sets.

Generally, sets do come in smaller sizes, however, you get to try a nice variety of products with great savings.

I personally love shopping online when I buy sets because it is easier to see the savings and get a better understanding of the products.

Now this doesn’t have to do with the products, but the NeoStrata website really is very informative.

There is a Skincare Glossary that lists a ton of skincare terms.

I love this because sometimes it is so easy to get sucked into products we don’t actually need because we don’t understand our skin. With the glossary, you can easily look up ingredients and terms to help make better decisions.

With the glossary, you can easily look up ingredients and terms to help make better decisions.

If you made it this far, you are awesome, so here is a sneak peek!

I will be posting an article next week sharing my NeoStrata skincare routine, so all you planner addicts schedule it in.


As I earlier stated what works for me, may not necessarily work for you but my experience using the products has been incredible.

If you ask me, a great skincare product is gentle enough that is won’t irritate you, but strong enough to do its job.

The products I use by NeoStrata do exactly that (products will be shared next week.)

To wrap it up, if you love learning about skin, trying a variety of products, and getting free samples when spending over $75, I have a feeling you will like NeoStrata . 

Let me know what you look for when it comes to skincare.

Thank you NeoStrata for sending me such amazing products! 

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