Don’t Cover Everything!


This is a guest post by Shy Life Living

Basically, I know a lot of people cover their entire face because of hyperpigmentation or spots.

When really, you can wear a light coverage base and conceal the imperfections.

I wear a high coverage base a lot of the time because I like how it makes my skin look.

However when you want to wear lighter products, you can do so and still look awesome.

I’ve always had spots and hyperpigmentation.

Most of my teen years I wore a lot of makeup to try and cover this.

Sometimes I just didn’t want to wear it all, but I felt like I had to, until I learned this…

Lisa Eldridge taught me this tip.

All you need to do is wear a lighter coverage base, and then use a heavier concealer to cover the areas you don’t like.

This tip has allowed me to feel put together and confident without feeling like I had too much product on my face every day!