5 Bloggers Share Their Favorite Winter Trends!


Erin’s Trend

Living in the Bay Area, we’ve always been blessed to have mild and somewhat predictable winters.

However, this year due to my guess of Global Warming or something, we are experiencing a pretty bad (California Standard) Fall which is said to be even worse in the Winter.

In order to combat the 30-degree weather we have been experiencing, I have a few beauty products that I’m absolutely loving.

First, let me preach that drinking water and moisturizing your face in cold weather is absolutely necessary.

I’ve been creating a mixture of Palmer’s Coconut Butter and Aveeno’s Moisturizing Lotion in the morning after washing my face, and in the night.

I’ve been using a mixture of Aveeno’s Moisturizing Lotion again but with the very, very thick Nivea which helps to make sure my face is always hydrated.

Also, if you can another great thing to use right now and one of my absolute favorite things are Charcoal Masks–any brand works.

Charcoal masks have purifying properties like absorbing impurities in the skin, it’s a great deep skin cleaner.

Makeup wise, as a girl on the go or really a girl who loves makeup but doesn’t necessarily have the patience to apply it or learn fancy things like contouring, I’m absolutely in love with two different products.

First, I’m absolutely in love with Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Foundation Stick.z

It goes on so smooth, and all you really have to do is use your finger (make sure it’s clean) and rub it around your face.

The second product I’m absolutely in love with is Benefit Cosmetic’s Roller Mascara. You can literally get away with one coat and have your eyes popping.

Not to mention, my favorite makeup trend this season is dark lipstick–the darker the better.

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My go-to lip color so far has been Mac’s Instigator lined with Nightmoth Lip Liner.

That being said, if you go with my favorite beauty products of the season–you will be able to combat the season with beauty and grace.

Erin Ashley

Sanja’s Trend

My favorite winter look at the moment is all about being simple and cozy but nevertheless staying sophisticated.

winter look 2

If you want to stay on trend this winter, team a pretty oversized burgundy high neck jumper and black leather skirt with your favorite ankle boots.

Do not forget to include a statement coat.

winter look 2

I adore my camel coat; it’s one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your cold-weather wardrobe!

Any classic outfit looks modern and sophisticated with it.

To take the look to the next level, add a checked scarf that will add an extra drop to your sophisticated look, besides that you will stay cozy and warm all day long.

My Fashion Mission

Tamzin’s Trend

Hey I am Tamzin, from Through New Eyes X

I write a beauty and lifestyle blog.

I am lipstick obsessed, so it’s only natural that my winter trend is lipstick orientated.

I do love a good Berry tone, however, I thought I would mix it up ever so slightly.

These are some of my go-to winter lipsticks…

Left to Right: Mac Violetta, YSL Pourpre Intouchable 2, Mac Taupe (Matte) and Mac Oddessy.


Usually, I prefer matte lips, just because they generally last very long.

During winter, you usually need a little bit more moisture, and that’s where the sheen shades come in handy.

I rarely break out my YSL lipsticks.

They are so pretty, I hate using them!

Yes, it’s sad.

They are really moisturizing and have a lovely almost fruity taste to them.

Way better than a horrible plastic taste you get with some lipsticks!

They’re not an opaque lipstick, though; they just leave a nice sheen that can be built up to be bolder.


The Mac lipsticks, on the other hand, don’t have any taste to them, which I like.

Oddessy is one of my favorite lipsticks for a winter outing!

Violetta works best on those “feeling brave” days. Even though it’s amplified finish it does last a long time and leaves a nice purple stain.

Taupe, on the other hand, is my all time favorite nude shade.

It may even be the only nude shade I ever wear.

It’s a mix of red and brown coloring, and does make you look a little more tanned (I need all the help I can get in that department).

What is your favorite winter shade? 

Through New Eyes X

Mirandas Trend

My favorite winter trends are a bit of an oxymoron— I love rocking the classic red lip and cat eye for a chic and sophisticated holiday look, but I also love that this is the season where you get a little more room to explore.

Vampy lips seem more appropriate, and smoky eyes compliment fresh, glowing skin. I also love the shade trends that pop up every winter: jewel tones, burgundies, and golds compliment almost all skin tones, in my opinion, so nobody has an excuse not to play with color this season!

Slashed Beauty

Laceys Trend

Wintertime brings with it the overuse of indoor heating,

Among other things, which are brutal to our skin. When I was working as a makeup artist and skincare rep for six years up until a year ago, I was often asked about the roles masks, peels and scrubs play in our skincare routines.

Many people assumed they could skip these products during the winter season.

Clarification and exfoliation are important for maintaining the integrity of texture, but they are also important for removing the accumulation of makeup and dirt lodged in the pores, which may inhibit your moisturizing products from working optimally.

Even if your skin is oily, as mine as, it is vital that you preserve its moisture level during the colder months.

Do not ever skimp on caring for your skin during the winter season.

I believe gentle exfoliation (scrub) should occur almost daily, a clarifying mask should be used weekly if your skin is often congested and the use of acid peels and products will vary depending upon one’s skin type and strength of the product.

Your makeup will look so much better if the skin underneath is clear, clean and polished.

Below are my favorite products for keeping your winter skin as smooth and flake-free as possible:

Arcona The Solution


All of my most faithful TheDailyDoll.com readers are aware of my devotion to this miracle in a bottle. Yes, a miracle. It is basically an overnight peel. Apply it before bed and awaken with a face as clear and smooth as glass, regardless of skin type.

Just be sure to not overuse it, starting with no more than two nights per week.

PUR Minerals Dirty Girl Detoxifying Clay Mask


If you have a “strawberry” nose full of blackheads, or simply facial skin, which is congested, from the residual use of heavy makeup, this product will shock you. Mix it with some water, a splash of apple cider vinegar and be amazed.

Do not overuse this during the winter months, and please always follow with moisture. It is not appropriate for especially dry skin types. I’m recommending this because with holiday parties and indoor winter festivities comes the overuse of heavy makeup, rendering skin unhappy and in need of breathing. This mask will do the trick.

Sage Goddess Pumpkin Pie Gem-Infused Exfoliant Scrubjj

The first time I washed my face with this scrub, I stood wide-eyed and speechless in front of my bathroom mirror for almost a minute before asking my own reflection, “What is in this freaking stuff?” It smells like pumpkin pie heaven, and it provides a nice veil of moisture.

It is suitable and gentle enough for the face and the body. You will never obtain such an organically rosy glow elsewhere.

 The Daily Doll