The Right Hair Care Products


This is a guest post by Bridie from

There’re some secrets that just have to be shared, especially when in the name of beauty (fellow woman to woman companionship and all that).

If you’re anything like me, you’ll try anything to ensure you feel the benefits of beauty secrets and in turn, wish to look like a million dollars.

Everyone deserves to feel confident and what better way than to latch on to individual and personal formulas that seem to work in their favor, then being incorporated into your routine!

When it comes to hair I’m always striving for the best and most suitable solution to ensure I end up looking like a celebrity on a L’Oreal advert (reality: it’s never gonna happen but where’s the harm in trying?!).

I have a very unstable, bumpy relationship with this overgrown mane of mine.

Truth is, I get frustrated  because often enough I look in the mirror after washing my hair and think “why was I ever cursed with this unruly mop?” BUT not all hope is lost, there are certain products that tame and build it into shop shaped condition.

The issues I seem to suffer from the most are dryness, frizz and the serious lack of volume. All my life I’ve tried to find a product that maintains all three.

Sea salt spray does give body but then results in straw-like strands, all in one shampoo weigh my hair down and products aimed at detangling do the complete opposite.

Until I found the John Frieda Strength and Restore range.

I didn’t know what it felt like to actually enjoy my hair care.


Both the shampoo and conditioner are a complete savior for putting some fullness back into the hair, along with a sleek, lightweight appearance and a silky texture (the serious ‘run my fingers through my hair at every moment’ kind).

Not to mention, it smells absolutely divine! As an everyday shampoo, it makes my hair much more manageable, along with providing the desired fluffiness and does the job of freshening without leaving behind that greasy, heavy feeling.

Unfortunately, keeping on track going to the hairdressers isn’t always an affordable option, so as a temporary fix, this definitely keeps the split ends and brittleness at bay.

Aside from the importance of finding a shampoo and conditioner combo that does the job in general, my secret to great hair is using a clarifying shampoo once a week to rid of the excess oils and build-up.

There are so many on the market but my favorite has to be Lush I Love Juicy. It’s like heaven in a bottle!

Although not officially classed as a clarifying shampoo, it always makes my hair feel so alive, super squeaky clean and luxurious. It makes such a difference to the aspect of my hair too, the shine is long-lasting, the color is brighter and it has that reformed bounce.

Clarifying shampoo is the answer to my greasy hair woes, I can actually go a good few days without washing my hair again and can really feel the effects it leaves me with!

In terms of advanced repair and enhancing moisture, strength, and shine without overloading, hair masks and spray in products are my go to a pointer. Lee Stafford never lets me down and his Coco Loco range meets all expectations.

The Coco Loco Hair Mask not only is a coconut lover’s dream but is fantastic at nourishing the hair when it needs some extra ‘oomph’. Applying a hair mask doesn’t have to be a recurrent procedure but once in a while when your hair requires life, they’re the solution to creating glossy locks once again.


For a long term product that ticks all boxes, it’s all about discovering a simple spray that can be used flexibly on both wet and dry hair.

The Argan Miracle 10 is named that for a reason, with 10 significant benefits for the hair all round. Argan oil is the only oil that doesn’t just sit on the hair without actually doing any justice. It absorbs so easily and instantly hydrates and softens.

My hairdresser recommended the Miracle 10 and I’ve never looked back since. As a leave in treatment, you can notice the vast change. Forget frizz and sections that stick out uncontrollably, this allows me to produce brand new smooth, conditioned locks and really highlights the natural thickness of my hair!

Protecting your hair from damage is also key, which is why using a fitting spray before any heat styling is necessary. The Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue spray leaves my hair feeling and looking healthy, vibrant and replenished.

If I could speak out about any beauty tip, it would be to maintain the care of your hair at your advantage! It’s such a great feeling to find a stable group of products that works well. I swear by these six products, as well as creating a steady routine.